Thursday, 14 May 2020

On the Topic of Economics

Somewhere around year three of my Air Force period (22 years), they offered up a retraining deal, and I went off to work around a lot of curious and interesting people.

At one point, I worked with a Captain who had a degree in Civil War history, and we'd get into those forty-minute discussions about such-and-such battle, or this general versus that general.  These were like lectures but they provided a lot of insight that you simply didn't get via high school, or normal college professors.

At another point, I worked with a Major who had a background in physics and planetary science.  He'd readily admit that they were worthless with the Air Force job, but again....we'd have these afternoon twenty-minute talks and he added tons of information that you typically would never get.

The peak of this business was a junior Captain who had a degree in economics.  In an average week.....we'd dabble in economic 'chatter' for a minimum of 90 minutes.

One day, he got onto this 'lecture'....talking about the 'car-engine' of economics relating to countries, with this massive wheel he'd drawn on the white-board, and then talked to the subject of how most leaders simply didn't understand the dynamics of their economy, or how fragile it could be.

His key point was that the political machine of a country, relied upon a safe, secure and dependable 'cycle'......if someone or some 'thing' came along to screw this up.....these 'dimwits' had no grasp what was screwing things up or how to restart the machine.  You needed politicians for political stuff, but they were useless for revenue processes, economic systems, or improving job quantity.

I'm reminded of this chatter from years these virus problems continue on.  Mayors, Governors, Senators, Representatives, and medical folks....all attempting to fix something that they really don't have much understanding over.

Some don't care if you spend 3-trillion that you don't have.  Some are willing to pay out $24,000 over six months to a couple.....but never thinking of the imaginary money situation in 2021, and how much debt has to be resolved in some fashion.

The chief problem, after you've pondered over this for a while....a whole lot of folks aren't that bright over economics, and there is no fix-it strategy.  You better prepare for a long spell of negativity. 

My Unmasking Theory

In the past dozen hours....all this hype has occurred with the list of thirty-odd Obama Administration figures who had requests in for unmasking of Flynn 'chatter'.  I've sat and thought about the whole thing, the implications, and have come to this theory.

Back in 1984, writer Tom Clancy came out with the book 'Hunt for Red October'.  By 1990, he'd wrapped up five major books.  By 2000, he'd written another seven.  A fair number of these were made into movies, which were watched by tens of millions of Americans.

So this crew in the Obama this period of 1984 to 2013....likely read these Clancy novels, and also smoked a fair amount of weed (pot, marijuana, dope, refer, etc). Some of them smoked the intense stuff and got the exceptional and fierce 'high'.   Some watched the Clancy movies, while on this high.

Eventually, they all began to see themselves as Tom Clancy secret agents, Pentagon good guys, cloak and dagger folks, snoops, and undercover folks.  The books did the marijuana.

They began to talk among save fight the evil do battle against the terrible woes facing the nation....they would adapt to Clancy standards, and become secret agents.

It thrilled them.  They likely stood around the water-cooler in the White House....grinning over their achievements and the secret agent business.

They were junior Jack Ryan characters.

All of them....from President Obama, down through VP Biden, and the next twenty-odd people......fake Jack Ryans.

So now what?  Well....the weed effect has worn off, and some are asking $500-an-hour lawyers what they can do in this weed-recovery process.  He probably starts off.....dump those Tom Clancy novels.  Then he tells them they were never Jack Ryan in their whole life.

Sit and think over it.....why would a group like this go to such a length to get themselves into this much trouble?  The only logical answer is weed and Tom Clancy novels.