Thursday, 6 February 2020

Writing Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Resume

It's basically a nine-line resume:

- Graduate from Harvard College and Oxford University. 

- Three years as a management consultant for McKinsey and Company.

- Eight years as a Reserve Naval Intelligence Officer.

- Campaign 'help' for three democratic campaigns (John Kerry is one of them).

- Ran for Mayor of South Bend (population 102,000) in 2011, winning, and installed in January of 2012 as mayor.

- Requested lay-off of South Bends black police chief, which was fought.  This matter has aggravated the black population in town a good bit. 

- Stressed public art during his eight years as mayor.

- Pushed for improvements in downtown projects, to attract people and business to a declining area of town.

- Promoted idea of new bus station in town.

Frankly's not the resume that you'd look for executive experience for the job of President.  It's the type of resume that you'd use to run as District House member, or Governor. 

That's the chief problem with Mayor Pete.  Maybe if you'd given him ten more years.....time to work as a Governor or as a Senator.....he'd have the thirty-line resume for the job.  In this case, if he does out-pace Bernie and win the nomination....I see a quarter of all Democrats shaking their head because he's just qualified for the job.  Let's admit it....proposing and pushing for a bus station....doesn't amount to much.