Thursday, 12 March 2020

I Had a Case of What-the-Hell

In the summer of 2015, selling me on the idea of Donald Trump was more or less a joke.  Course, having 15-odd Republicans....of which half were 'fake' in some way....cluttered up the campaign season.  By January of 2016.....I come to view Trump in a different way.  So I was sold on three factors:

1.  I wanted the 'bull-in-the-china-shop' situation.  Not just a regular china shop....but the literal 25,000 square feet china shop.  I didn't want the 1,500 pound bull....I wanted the 2,500 pound bull who had rage.  I was fed up with both the Republican and Democratic Party.  Both had done enough silly things over thirty years to deserve the 'bull-treatment'.  I wanted NAFTA to get the full bull-treatment.  I wanted China to get the full bull-treatment.  I wanted sanctuary cities to get the full bull-treatment. 

2.  I wanted someone who would drag the news media into a 24-hour-7-day-a-week tirade....where nothing of news worthiness would be assembled or talked about in any way or shape....except the destruction of the President.  And after six-odd months of that, I figured that the fake news media units would be in a pit of zero-profitability and unable to get any viewers for their theatrical production. 

3.  Finally, I guess I just liked the approach of the Apprentice Show.....where folks got fired for incompetence.  Either you performed, or you left the show.  Since day one of the Trump-period, there's probably been over two-hundred folks with a status in DC.....who have left the 'show' on their own....some were fired.  All throughout the Clinton, Bush II and Obama years.....there were dozens of folks who deserved to be fired, and just stuck around. 

Oh I would be nice to have some intellectual who quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson or Rocky (from Bullwinkle) on a daily basis. 

It would have been nice to have insider who had all three of the secret telephone numbers to Chancellor Merkel of Germany (even her super-secret phone in the bedroom).

It would have been nice to have some pretender President with the acting ability of Liam Neeson. 

It would have been nice to have some spark-plug character for President who repairs Chevys on his weekends off, and always has a Sunday bar-b-q. 

It would have been nice to have some President who did a once-a-year grizzly-hunt in Alaska, and had three journalists who hiked with him for twelve hours a day....sipping whiskey while resting, and spicing up the conversation talking over Baton Rouge hookers or eating beef jerky at the nightly campfire.

It would have been nice to have some President who had a PhD from Harvard, a masters degree in Aerodynamic Design, a bachelors degree in Aztec art, and an associates degree from some Nashville landscaping school. 

The problem is....we've been faked-out so much....that folks are applying for the job with a resume that seems to fit on a 3x5 inch card.  Your muffler guy (Larry) might be as talented as half the folks who ran in the past sixteen years.  Your whacked-out cousin who mostly sells meth....seems to talk more coherently than two or three of the candidates on the Democratic platform for 2020. 

So I went with the bull-in-the-china-shop situation, and figured....what the hell. 

The Hillary as VP Odds

A year ago, I would have a 1-percent chance.

Three months ago, I would have given a 10-percent chance.

Presently, with Biden's movement, the mental impairment situation, and the luck of the Democratic Party....I put the Hillary odds at 50-percent that she will be coming to the convention and around day the VP choice. 

The script in this case?  I think Joe will go down one of two paths....the first announcing shortly after the convention that he can't do the job, and resigns from the campaign.  The second is to reach the 'win', and resign by summer of 2021 (if the House hasn't kicked him out for impairment by that point, and Hillary moves up.

The odds of a debate between Trump and Biden?  I would now put it at less than 30-percent chance.  Joe is a wild-card on open discussions and he could say dozens of things in two make people at home shake their heads.

As for the public buying off on the Hillary scenario?  Most Republicans would laugh.  From Independents.....they'd listen to the scheme and wonder how it'd all work.....mostly agreeing that Joe is nuts.

So having Hillary rise....with the fake Joe campaign vehicle?  It's a five-star comedy script for a movie, but in just might work.  Could she win in 2024 under this script?  No. 

As for who would be Hillary's VP choice?  As amusing as it sounds....I think Beto would get the call and be the fake Mexican to fill out the rest of this crazy scenario.