Sunday, 25 November 2018

DNA Story

It's an interesting science piece from the Brit Daily Mail.....which discussed DNA discoveries, and the likely history of mankind.

Scientists went and took DNA samples from 100,000 animals, and to include humans in the 'test'.  Conclusion?  Roughly 250,000 years ago...something of a major consequence occurred, with ONLY one set of parents left for the humans, and roughly 90-percent of the animal breeds (across the globe).  That one set of parents....reignited life on Earth.

The scientists in this project?  More or less shocked....every single theory that they had on, more or less, tossed out the door. 

Questions?  Thousands of them.

The last big enormous event to wipe out most life on Earth.....was 65 million years ago (that killed off the dinosaurs finally, or at least they believed that).  So was there another big wipe-out in the range of 250,000 years ago?  No one has ever suggested that.

The Noah story?  Well....the problem here is that you have various lands which weren't land-connected and animals would not have crossed over to re-populate regions.

So you end up alien-Joe and alien-Francis, who arrived and reset the balance of things on Earth.....that's my theory.  Various animals were dumped off in certain areas, and the world was given some kind of chance number 2.