Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Insignificance of Google and the 2020 Election

Based on commentary, there is a good bit of speculation that Google's intellectual leadership crowd intends to play into the election and help defeat Trump.

I've sat and pondered over this a good bit in the last month, and come to this one really won't matter much.


First, between social media and the news media....they've both reached a point where trust and respect by the average American is that of a used car salesman.  Whatever the nightly 'talker' says on the network news piece from ABC or CBS....really doesn't matter.  Even if Google sensationalizes the piece....who really believes Google? 

Second, after all that chatter of Russian collusion....there's this general belief by the public that it's all one big fake soap opera....which leads back to either Brennan (the former CIA chief) or Hillary's campaign staff.  An attempt by Google traffic or creations to create a new Russian collusion?  No one would believe it.

Third, there's this strong possibility that Google will be thrust into a utility status, and that the various mechanisms of the organization will have to go in front of either a federal utility group or fifty state utility commissions.  It'd basically create a bigger mess for Google to handle.

So all this effort and chatter?  Worthless?  Yes.  That's the amusing part of the story.  Instead of working on their product and profits.....they've wasted all this on a political agenda. 

The 'Used Car Salesman' Chatter

I was watching a YouTube piece today and someone got around to talking over previous presidents, and they came to President Obama.  Their identifier for him?  He seemed to them (in 2008's election period) be like a used car salesman.

I sat there for a while and thought about the comment, and the 2008 period.  That was the weirdest election period that I've seen in fifty-odd years.

I identified Obama more as a insurance salesman, than a used car salesman (maybe because I've rarely dealt with used car salesmen.  It always seemed like you got a whole bunch of talk, which led to more talk and promises, and whatever was the end-product.....just never seemed to amount to much. 

But then you gaze at the competition for the primary....wife of some former President who was a Senator with no real accomplishments over eight years. 

Then you gaze over a the Republican side.  You had some former naval officer who bluffed his way through into politics.  There was the 'Mitt'.....who never seemed to be doing anything other than speeches.  You had the 'Huck' who was more suited to be a radio talk show host, than President.  And then you had Ron Paul.....who was a 180-degree flip-over from Bernie Sanders. 

But back to the identifier of a used car salesman.  It's a negative term.  People hate dealing with this crowd, and the older you are.....the worse it gets.  There are certain professions like this now.  Televangelist....for example....represent another identifier that folks can't stand.  School principals are getting up to the point of being continually disliked.  TV news journalists or 'anchors' are another group who are reaching the point of being joked about continually.  CEOs for technology companies are getting a reputation similar to used car dealers. 

The amusing thing is that identifiers are becoming common now, and we all seem to relate to it.