Friday, 3 August 2018

"Enemies of the People"

It's like a title for some movie with Tom Cruise and Samuel L. Jackson.

How did the news media reach this stage?

Well....they've been hard at work for over forty years or more.  I suspect in the 1990s....some people began to look at the construction of stories, the value put into the story, the slant, and the 'experts' involved.....then started asking questions.

The platforms?  ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, WaPo, NY Times, Time, Newsweek, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN. Behind them are another two-hundred-odd platforms (like Drudge). 

Around 2008 to media crept into the room, and the public eventually began to realize the fake nature of news there (way before the news people 'branded' it).

At some point, the intellectual folks began to work the magic into movies, TV shows, and even songs.  Eventually....the public began to figure that gimmick out as well.

So here's the board one is really reading Time and Newsweek (enough to say their profit margin is pretty much zeroed out).  CNN is actually beaten on a nightly basis by the Food Network.  The NY Times has a credibility issue which seems to pop up every two or three months.  Anonymous sources cited on ABC, CBS, and NBC don't really grab our attention anymore.  The fake Republican angle often used on MSNBC is more or less amusing and taken as a comedy effort. 

Perhaps "enemies" is the wrong word to use.  Maybe 'stooges' would be a better term. 

This CNN reporter....Jim Acosta?  Actually, I've reached a point where I enjoy seeing him come on the air and challenge the White House Press Spokesman.  It's like a 100 pound guy trying to intimidate Mike Tyson, and Mike tries to just push him back in a nice fashion, and then later with no patience left....Mike takes one swipe at the kid, and he falls.  I enjoy watching that now.....over and over.

Please CNN....don't reassign Jim Acosta.  We need Jim there to remind us of the dopes in society.

All of this leads back to bias noted in the news.  Society is very capable of recognizing bias, and laughing over the juvenile attempt. I think in some ways.....they want this scenario to continue because it's just pure entertainment now.  Yes, kinda like fake wrestling....where it's all done for a laugh.