Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The $10,000 Solution

Down in Miami, there's an association who will be offering $10,000 to anyone who can prove voter fraud in November's election.

It's a one-time deal, and I suspect if eight people bring up names and evidence....they will have to split the $10,000.

All of this brings me to the state of voter fraud in the United States today.  Over the past decade, I'd take a guess that around twenty people have been identified and given some type of conviction....typically with probation and some fine paid.  Generally, I'd say that thirty percent of the public believes in voter fraud being a normal event now.

Two or three decades ago....it would have been impossible for people to get the data, identify the issue, and show enough evidence for voter fraud.  Today?  Things are slightly different and spreadsheets are a major tool in tracking down addresses and comparing notes.

So, I'd like to make a simplified suggestion.  As you walk in to register at the county office....you get a sheet that says you, upon conviction in a county court of voter fraud, will not only pay the county fine, repent by not voting for the next ten years, but will pay the person or association who discovered your voter fraud a $6,000 fee within thirty days of conviction (or lodge a $6,000 bond to be held by the judge if you appeal this verdict).

All of this would suddenly interest locals in who voted and where they voted.  You'd force the clerks to reveal data sheets.  You'd spent twenty hours doing analysis instead of watching NCAA football.  And you'd eventually find eight guys in your ward, who voted across the state line in Mississippi or Missouri as well.  Eight notifications.....eight convictions eventually, and you got yourself $48,000 (taxable of course).

You could take off to Aruba and actually spend four months there....boozing it up and eating buffet dinners at the marginal hotels.

Would Republicans or Democrats press for a fee deal on voter fraud?  No.  Which kinda leads you around to asking if both parties have manipulation going on, and simply don't want to exercise restraint in a corrupted system?

Will someone claim the $10,000 in Miami's November election?  Yes.  Over a dozen people being identified?  I'm betting on that.  People voting in both Miami and New York City elections?  I'm betting on that as well.  Do they realize the implications....the threats.....the potential jail-time or fines?  They ought to realize it.

Kinda sad....democracy unable to function right.....because of a bizarre attitude over fraudulent voting. And the only way Americans can fix it?  By offering a bribe to find the guilty party.