Friday, 21 February 2020

The 'Summer Camp'?

At some point in the Vegas debate, Bernie's three houses come up, and then Bernie admits something that people didn't know.....he has a 'summer camp'. 

I sat and paused over that term, and how he said it.  It wasn't exactly clear what that means.

In Alabama, a 'summer camp' could mean a hut on the Cahaba River, with a tarp over the roof....a Wal-Mart purchased grill on the deck area....a refrigerator with PBR beer, and a rough situation for the toilet. 

In Idaho, a 'summer camp' would mean some cabin, with no electricity or running water.  It'd be visited by a minimum of two bears a day, and you'd have PBR beer mostly unchilled. 

In Detroit, a 'summer camp' would be an abandoned house on the east-side, with Marvin coming by every other day with some fresh weed to smoke.  You'd have access to Tiger's games, and some shady ladies would entice you with bawdy jokes during the evening hours.

So what is Bernie's 'summer camp'?

I imagine its a place where Bernie dresses down.....wearing mostly shorts and tank-top shirt, with flip-flops on.  I would imagine that he's got forty Dean Martin CDs collected and plays them throughout the day. 

For breakfast, he'll settle for coffee and a sausage biscuit.  For lunch, he chow down on a tuna sandwich and sip through three gin-sours.  And for dinner, it'll be some ribs on the bar-b-q, with a dozen Stroh's American Lager beers. 

In a enlightened mood, he'll talk about the 1960s, past fantasies of being President, and episodes of Bay Watch (particularly season 3, episode 8....where the European princess had arrived and is in serious danger until Mitch comes to rescue her).

So we are left to wonder about this 'summer camp' thing.  Maybe it's just a hut resting under some bridge in Meredith, NH....where Bernie converses with retired hobos. 

The Difference Between Trump and Bloomberg

There are five differences between the two:

1.  Trump bluffs....twenty-four hours a days a week.  With Bloomberg, it's a guarded and measured bluff (he's an electrical engineer by trade/university, and he has to sample the bluff, running various tests to ensure it works).

2.  Bloomberg is 'wooden' in front of a crowd.  Trump is animated, and acts more as a circus ringmaster.  Trump wants you to be thrilled and entertained.....thus leaving the 'tent' in a hyped-up state. 

3.  Bloomberg was originally a Democrat....converted to a Republican....converted to a Independent....converted to a Democrat, and generally acts his way through debates as some 75-percent Democrat/25-percent Republican.  Trump?  Basically a Republican since age 12.

4.  Bloomberg, oddly, believes that more regulation resolves problems.  Trump, oddly, believes that less regulation resolves problems. 

5.  Trump believes in fake news.  Bloomberg believes in controlled news (he's ordered various control applications on his owned publications in recent months).