Monday, 3 December 2018

Harris Running?

If you read the front page today.....Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) says that in the next couple of weeks....she will come to a decision on a 2020 presidential bid.

My take?

She has three problems.  First, beyond the borders of California....she's virtually unknown.  In the south and midwest, she won't be able to run a four-star campaign effort. 

Second, the Iowa-affect.  I think she falls into the category of being less-than-desirable with most Iowa Democrats.  Confrontational and prosecutor-like.....that's not an agreeable value to run a campaign there.

Third, personality-wise.....having seen her confrontations in the senate, she's a very difficult person on handling conflicts.  In a debate, she'd really lose votes.  A Trump-Harris election?  It presents a tough dynamic to figure. 

So if she goes forward....I think she's there mostly to run as VP.  Otherwise, there's not much in wasting time and money in 2020.