Sunday, 19 January 2020

Was Clinton's Impeachment Historic?

In simple terms.....NO.

It was basically a case where he got stupid.....getting oral sex from some intern, and some people figured you could build some case up which depended upon a Q and A session where you were under oath.  If he had any 'wit' or legal knowledge....he would have said that he had no requirement to make a statement under oath.....about sex. 

While all of this was going on....then it kinda fell into the news business that Bill had sexed up with more than eight different women.  Did it really matter?  No.  Had Hillary Clinton been a normal wife (like VP Gore's wife).....then things would have been different, and Hillary would have walked out (like Gore's wife).

The Republicans in this case?  They never really expected a conviction, and this was more about weakening Bill Clinton for historical reasons. 

The comical side of this....which people seem to forget?  This started on the 19th of December, and virtually the entire Senate was forced to skip Christmas holidays for that year (it didn't officially end until 12 Feb the next year. 

Why Hillary didn't leave?  I think she considered Bill as the golden-ticket for her arriving in 2008, and gaining the Presidency.  If you felt Bill was'd be all thrilled for Hillary.  I's silly but this was logical in the 1990s.

Here we are, twenty years, and it's payback time.  And the odds that some Democrat will face impeachment around 2035 to 2040?  I'd give it a 99-percent chance. 

All of this should bring you back and wondering about JFK, Roosevelt, Hoover, and a dozen-odd Presidents from the past, and if they could survive a impeachment like this? 

Trailer Story

This week, California's governor (Newsom) went out and did a public event to talk over his acquisition of 100 FEMA trailers which are being brought into the Oakland area, for the homeless crowd.  Cost to  the state?  It appears the acquisition is near zero, but whatever installation or placement charges come's on California's tab (figure $150,000 to $200,000).

I sat and pondered over this.

For those old enough to remember Hurricane Katrina.....FEMA trailers were the original solution there, with thousands bought.  Then, came this issue of mold and funny plastic scent. 

These FEMA trailers are typically a cheaper RV trailer 'pick', costing around $12,000 to $15,000 and big enough for a max of four people (really, to be honest, two is the max you ought to force into the trailer).

Living in one full-time?  They might last four to six years, before you start to complain about leaks, structural issues, etc.  But throw the idea of giving it to a doper, or some paranoid schizophrenic guy?  It'll either be destroyed in three years, or turn into some kind of hazardous waste 'zone' (requiring $10k of state money to dispose of it in some massive way). 

Looking over this, I just have this idea that it's going to be an interesting 'reality-type' show.  Oakland is stuck....they have to find some vacant lot, and run power and water to thirty-odd RV trailer, parked on some rough gravel.  A couple of benches will be put up, with a cheapo water fountain, and a dumpster for hypodermic needles.  Once a week, an ambulance will pull up and pick some dead overdosed guy.....with the city bringing a new resident to the empty trailer. 

It's just a solution that will beg for new and fresher problems. 

The 'Losers' From this Impeachment?

About a month from and I could sit down in a pub, and put a pitcher of beer on the discuss the aftermath of the impeachment.  The losers?

1.  Hunter Biden.  The guy was never qualified to be on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company. 

2.  Whichever idiot dreamed up the Ukrainian 'gift-money' for natural gas development.  We may never know which idiot it was, but it'll be readily apparent that the money just went into a dark pit, and disappeared. 

3.  Joe Biden.  All they have to do is run the video that Joe says he screwed the Ukrainian prosecutor, and then leave the 'message' at that.  Joe does his own damage, and can't really go and explain the situation....if he's not invited.

4.  Nancy Pelosi.  For all the talk and chatter....what she delivered was a marginalized impeachment package, and utterly dependent upon the Ukrainian threat by President Trump.

5.  Shifty and his team.  After they've been 'corrected' around the 40th time by either McConnell or Justice Roberts....their enthusiasm will start to dry up. 

6.  The news media.  Maybe they can keep people pumped-up for the first week....but I suspect at the conclusion of the second week....around one-third of viewers will have turned off the TV, and simply limited themselves to a nightly 8-minute update.  Changing opinions for voters?  No....basically nothing will have changed, and that will be the shocker at the conclusion.

7.  Warren and Sanders.  Basically, in the heat of the build-up for the Iowa Caucus....both are going to sit in DC, and waste three weeks of time there.  Their campaign is finished. 

So the only gainers?  Bloomberg and Mayor Pete.  That's it.