Saturday, 4 April 2020

Ten Observations

1.  Bill Gates hasn't been reverent in fifteen-odd years, so it's a mystery to me why the news media wants to quote him or hype something he says. 

2.  If you think about Pelosi's new committee to monitor the President and the Coronavirus stuff.....if you use the 1.5-meter (5-ft) rule, then you would only be able to sit a total of nine folks across the 'table' of the meeting room.  Will they cooperate, or break hygiene and social-distancing standards?

3.  A lot of folks are going to be shocked at what is 'essential' and 'non-essential'.  Farmers?  They will laugh over the discussion for about 30 seconds, and then get back to work. 

4.  Golf courses to be shutdown?  Well....they are non-essential.

5.  A lot of folks are reaching a massive frustration level with people uttering 'best-case' or 'worst-scenario'.  Some folks are going to get a beating over their over usage of the phrases.

6.  Maybe it's just me, but after watching at least a hundred of these White House press conferences over the past three years.....I think a quarter of reporters ought to look for other work (bar-b-q operations, real estate, bartending).

7.  I reached a point this past week, where if anything with Joe Biden comes on and he's chatting....I hit the 'mute-button'.  It pains me to have to sit there and analyze what Joe said, and how I should interpret this.

8.  There's enough factual data existing on at least three US Senators having insider knowledge and selling stocks prior to the Corona-crisis take them into court at this point.  Their reputations?  Gone.

9.  'Water-heater' versus 'hot-water-heater'?  Listen, once you buy a water-heater....the ONLY thing it can make water hot.  So you don't need to add the word 'hot' to the phrase.

10.  The 65 seconds of Trump explaining voter-ID are classic moments that the majority of people (probably over three-quarters of the public) agree to.  For some journalist to question'd have to ask, how did they get into the White House conference area?  Well....they showed an ID. 

Just Something to Think About

Since 1 January of this year (2020):

1.  411,000-plus people have died of HIV/AIDS.

2.  2-million-plus people have died of cancer-related situations.

3.  240,000-plus people have died of malaria.

4.  333,000-plus people have died of accidents involving cars.

5.  The Coronavirus people?  We are at 35,000-plus who are dead.