Thursday, 19 April 2018

Evangelical Story

About six to eight months ago, I kinda noticed the creation of a religious 'fraud'....evangelical in nature....attaching itself to a foundation, and being hyped up as a political device.  Oddly anti-GOP.  That's something that you would not have noticed a decade ago.

So today, it came up about this BIG private meeting going on....a select group of fifty evangelical ministers (the top elite from across the nation), who'd been invited up to Wheaton College (Chicago).  This was supposed to be a two-day session and lay out some ideas and discussion, which everyone invited figured that it wouldn't be about the Presidency. 

At some point yesterday...all heck broke loose and a number of folks just got up in the middle of discussions and left.  The chatter that made them leave?  Hyped up anti-Trump talk.

To the degree one wants to talk about the private group who arranged this meeting, or their agenda business.  I noticed this with CNN, Washington Post, and NY Times. 

My humble guess?  These various politicized agenda groups have attached themselves to foundations, which talk of religious objectives, but tend to be very political in nature.  If you look at the November schedule for's come to a time to gather the evangelical 'herd' and lead them out of the 'Trump-Valley'.  Big shocker?

Basically, you'd have to build some religious argument that Democrats are on some moral high ground, and vote down against abortion and twenty other topics that evangelical topics.'s awful hard for the Democrats to stand up in some church environment and hype their moral standing on these topics.  So the foundation groups use what I'd call a proxy....this is a highly enthusiastic and charming minister who knows the inside to their agenda and is there to use the Jesus-talk and lead the 'herd' to the right position.

All of this is being done....with this mass meeting of the top lead onto a June meeting with a thousand-odd evangelical leaders from across the nation.  They would get the right anti-Trump message and then lead their members to vote wildly in Novembers election.

If this group fails?  That's a curious thing.

If people figure out the agenda...the 'fakes' involved....and the foundations hyping this anti-Trump theme, then the whole effort of the past decade will be laid out as a fraud.  It has basically nothing to do with evangelical positions.  It's just plain hype.

My guess?  If more than half of these folks in the fifty-group have leaves twenty-five sitting there and positioning themselves to be part of the fraud later in June.

In some ways, it's comical. 'Jesus' for Democrats, and anti-Trump....imagine sitting in some church group and hyping the message. 

Fortune Magazine

As a kid in Bama, I was kinda privileged.  By age fourteen, I had real pocket money each year, and would go and subscribe to two or three magazines....typically Newsweek or Time.  At some point around 1975, I subscribed for a year to Fortune magazine.  Basically, I wanted to some knowledge on money and investing. took two copies of Fortune to convince me that was the 'wrong' magazine to get investment advice.  It was mostly some journalism effort to hype various rich guys and how they lived...their houses....their yachts....their lifestyles.....not really how they got their strategy.  At the end of one year.....I dumped the magazine.

Today, I'm reminded of the loser nature of Fortune when they stood up and wanted to hype David Hogg (of the Florida school shooting business) as one of the 50 great leaders of the world.

I noticed last week in business news that Meredith Corp....the owners of a group of include Fortune....had put it up for sale.  Meredith Corp has already sold US News and Newsweek....for around $10-million each.  Fortune?  It hasn't sold yet, and some suggest it'll be below 7-million.

Fortune right now for a subscription?  Normally $15.99 for a year.  Some folks claim they've been offered 'deals' for 99-cents a month.

It's a dying magazine, and putting Hogg into this top leader hype?  Well....they made themselves into a joke.  It'll surprise me if they clear 5-million in the end on their sale.

The True Hype Never Existed

I noticed this small item in the news today, from a poll done by the NBC News and Wall Street Journal folks.  So their poll question asked: is Hillary Clinton popular?

The answer? 27-percent of folks said 'somewhat positive'. The rest?  Less so.

So the general question by the news media is why.

I sat and pondered over this.  I came to this conclusion....Hillary Clinton probably never was that popular. 

Oh, the news media hyped her books, and her speeches....but when you get down to accomplishments, there was never anything to demonstrate long-term popularity. 

It's like talking about the 2012 Florida Marlins baseball team.  For a brief season, with tons of money thrown around....the Marlins built this mega-team, and won games. All of this would mean fans coming to the park and hype around the entire state. briefly lasted a year, and then they dismantled most of the team, and one remembers the 2012 Marlins team.

It's like talking about the actor Nicolas Cage, and asking people to name one of his movies.  The hype carries him but few remember the movies.

I think Hillary just rode out this massive wave for well over thirty years and the wave came to an end.  No one can cite any great accomplishments in life.  At least with Jimmy Carter, they will talk about his houses that his foundation group helped to building over the past three decades. 

In three years?  I suspect that a quarter of the public will have forgotten her entirely.