Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Tick Story

It came out recently in the world of paleontology, that they've got a bit of amber, which has a 99-million year old tick....holdingonto a feather of a dinosaur.

So there is some minor belief that you might be able blood locked into the tick, and you might be able to do some fancy work with DNA.....thus bringing back dinosaurs. awful lot of fancy work.

One can sit and fantasize about this idea.

Would you even want to go and recreate this situation?  Is it dangerous?  Would some idiots go and try to sell these to the general public?  Would the UN go and try to forbid something like this?  There are a thousand things to ponder over an idea like this.

I would speculate that if they produced just one of'd crank up an entire industry, and you'd have forty different DNA projects going on within a decade to reproduce various creatures.  I just don't see this being positive.