Friday, 28 February 2020

How I Think Coronavirus Started Up

This is simply my view of the whole thing, and my scenario:

1.  Some Chinese general had the opinion maybe a year or two ago of some bio-weapon with a virus situation.  Without consulting the political folks, he directed some research to this. 

2.  The bio-lab guys (in Wuhan) went and spent some time looking at this bat-virus.  Along the way, they found that some amino acids added....made this into an extremely deadly virus.  They tested this on some monkeys.

3.  A support staff guy who handles the monkeys....was regularly told to dispose (terminate) some monkeys.  There was a policy on doing this in a quick and sanitary way.    Wung, this guy.....found that occasionally....he could slip a monkey out of the lab and sell it at the nearby market. 

4.  Wung, was told to get rid of a monkey or two who had the Coronavirus.  He removed them from the lab, and transported to the market back in October. 

5.  The guys at the market butchered up the monkey and made some type of dish.  Five to ten workers from the market ate the meat.

6. Around five to ten days later....three of the guys got pneumonia-like problems.  By the 12th day, the rest of the group (seven) had issues. 

7.  From this first ten, five survived, and the rest passed on.  Some guy in the hospital unit thought this was strange and took various samples of the remaining five guys.  Five days later....nurses and doctors attending to the ten.....were mostly all infected and sick.  The sample guy is feeling sick now.

8.  Family members of the first ten, and the doctors/nurses.....are now showing symptoms (late November). 

9.  The chief of public safety for Wuhan is now alerted.  He's asking questions, which get directed to the military leadership of the country.  They eventually (within hours) figure out that the virus is their 'toy'.  The remaining members from this particular group are not sick at this point, but the leadership can't allow them to tell the story.  So those folks are executed quietly one night.

10.  Now in this critical stage when they needed the formula to figure out a vaccine....the lab guys are dead, and no one can bring this thing back to a manageable situation.