Thursday, 14 December 2017

NPR 2.0 (My Version of a Reboot)

I can go back to the mid-1970s and remember the original content of NPR.  You actually got classic music, some jazz, literature readings, poetry, and some occasional bluegrass music. Then, in the early 80s....they started off to some other trend.  For me, if I were driving around at lunch....I might turn NPR on and listen to it, but they've lost me for the most part.

What I'd like to see?

6:00 A full hour of legislative matters in the House and Senate.  Explain what bills are coming up and what bills failed. 

7:00 Farm news hour.  Anything of a rural nature, relating to farms and rural business situations.  Bring in some PhD guys to talk about livestock, and crops.  Bring in a brewery guy to talk about garage beer creations.  Interview some bio-fruit people.

8:00 Medical hour.  Hire up four medical experts and have a morning round-table to discuss reports, health issues, and new innovations.  Bring on a nurse to talk about weird school health issues.  Talk about cancers and treatments. 

9:00 Jazz for an entire hour.

10:00 Great literature readings from the 1700/1800 era.

11:00 Business hour.  Have another round-table of four Wall Street guys to talk about what's hot in the news.

12:00 National news hour.

13:00 Classical music hour.

14:00 History hour (have four PhD history guys line up and tell some story over history).

15:00 Opera music hour.

16:00 Bluegrass Hour.

17:00 National news hour.

18:00 Four random folks interviewed hour.  Just go and pick out four random people (barbers, truckers, diesel mechanics, NCAA football refs, zoo-keepers, muffler-guys, etc) and ask them random questions.

19:00 1920s/1930s Radio Mystery hour.

20:00 More bluegrass.

21:00 Great literature readings from the 1900s.

22:00 Science Fiction Readings

23:00 Sign off