Friday, 2 March 2018

The Best Way to Change America?

It took me many years to ponder upon this idea that is continually dragged up and put up as some national trendy topic.  Yes, how can we best change America?'s simple if you really think about it.  You need to change people's opinions. So you do the logical excommunicate them from your mindset.

Yes, if they were friends and their beliefs just didn't go along with shun them.  You reject them.  You neglect them.  You stand aloof of them.  You have no part of them. You evade them.

You can do this at family Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.  You can get into some big conversation over a topic which will anger folks, and they will leave the table, and likely leave the house.  You can drag out topics at the PTA meetings, and trigger their exodus.  There are hundreds of ways that you can help to excommunicate them from your mindset, and just feel better....that you changed America.

Well.....actually all you did was create a fake environment around you where you only socialize with like-minded people.  Oddly, then everything becomes political, and a vote matters. In the 2016 case, the vote shocked the excommunicate-crowd.  In this rare situation....the excommunicate crowd....was excommunicated.  Yep, that was a real shocker.

We've now gone to create new terms for people with this excommunicate-type of mentality....snowflakes.  They were so busy in excommunicating people...that they lost the perspective of different opinions and varying ideas of culture and society.  These are the people who can't handle reality anymore because they've excommunicated so many people.

Where did excommunication originally come from?  This is one of those curious things.  Back around 1,300 years the Catholic Church became the only accepted religion in Europe....they found that people were lacking in enthusiasm for the religion.  People in fact....were challenging various ideas that the church pushed.  So the Catholics invented this term....excommunicating.  They basically said that society needed to neglect the other folks....stand apart from them....avoid them...etc.

Frederick II was actually excommunicated three times by the Catholic Church....with official paperwork done each time.

Where does this excommunication lead onto?  Well....eventually, I think some folks are going to seek some type of mental help and get convinced that the bad folks....the excommunicated folks....are mentally unstable, and we will move onto a more serious problem.  But for the time being, sit back and just be entertained by the fifth-grade mentality.