Friday, 22 May 2020

My Opinion of Joe Rogan

For about two years, I've been listening to the podcasts of Joe Rogan. 

As interviews go, I'm to the point of considering Joe probably better than any journalist or moderator from any of the other networks or TV establishments. 

For a number of years, YouTube gave Joe his platform, and enabled all of us to sit and view his interviews.  This past week....Joe kinda said 'enough' and will go to Spotify (it started as a alternate radio site, and has planned a growth period).  What makes Spotify different is that you sign up and get their service (roughly 9.99 Euro a month for me).

There is chatter out there to suggest that more YouTubers will go this path, and give Spotify a new angle to customers. 

Hurting YouTube in the long-run?  That's the discussion going on.  If you had 20-percent of the big draw to YouTube pack up and walk would leave an enormous hole for YouTube to fill.   The angle here?  Content. 

I'll admit that 90-percent of the stuff on YouTube for interviews or crappy content.  But the remaining ten-percent is what draws people to view their material with dedication. 

It's not the end for YouTube, but looking a year or two into the future....I'm kinda wondering if the massive bulk of what YouTube just stupid cat pictures, or 3rd world giggle stuff for jokes. 

Another transformation coming?  By 2024, I'd be guessing that a major change will occur with both social media and YouTube, with customers demanding something that they are currently unprepared for.