Sunday, 25 August 2019

The Problem With a Democratic Candidate Dealing with the Recession

So you write up this scenario.  Trump enters 2020, with a recession.  You need an angle to counter him and to gain your respect for dealing with the recession.  The program?

Cash for clunker program? 

Gutting the budget by ten-percent and promising to cut taxes (while swearing that you are a Democrat)?

Give some tax advantages to US companies?

Telling people you can force the Fed to act?

Swearing to folks that no Green program will occur and inflict massive cost upon Americans?

Convincing the general public that you can get stock prices back up, with your policies?

Which Democrat from 15-odd characters has that capability to convince you?  Warren?  Sanders? 

Yeah, it's a bit crazy to imagine this scenario, and some Democrat from the group who has this ability to act like a Republican for four years. 

The Snack Story

When I bought my Lufthansa tickets (Frankfurt to Dubrovnik) noted that you'd get a 'snack' going and coming.

Generally, this might mean a sandwich or decent item....with a Coke. 

So the Stewardess came along and handed out these....a crispy candy bar, and a Coke. 

That was it.

For rating 'snacks'....on a scale of one to ten....this was probably a '2'.  But that's the thing about airlines today, they've come to realize that folks aren't happy anyway, so why spend any real money on a stupid snack.  I doubt if Lufthansa spent more than 35 cents for the 'snack'.

But this also tells the story of why so many people go and buy things to take along on apples, Pop-Tarts, Milk Duds, etc.