Thursday, 3 May 2018

Talking Thug

I sat and watched a piece today on YouTube where two guys were talking over President Trump and they came to this rare moment where they know....he's the first thug-President we ever had, and they were proud of that belief.

I paused over that.  To be honest, other than Andrew Jackson....I don't think anyone could match up with thug-potential to President Trump.  Jackson....was probably twice the thug of Trump (probably Jackson would have pulled a pistol on more than one or two folks in his life, and wouldn't hesitate to get into a fist-fight).

The thing here is that if you lined up all the folks who voted for least a quarter of them will tell you that they wanted a thug for President.  And they'd swear some allegiance to him today, in some weird way.

This Kanye West episode?   In this weird way, I think Kanye also sees this thug factor, and respects Trump because of it.  The fact that some blacks are moving toward Kanye's view of Trump?  Yeah....that's something that would not have happen with Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II.  In fact, if I were a Democratic plans guy.....looking at a 8-year period from Trump, I might have some fear that one-third of all Blacks might be charmed by the thug-view, and vote GOP by the end. 

So as you lay there tonight, and just looking over this whole weird experience.....just pause to think of Hillary sitting there, instead of Trump.  How big of a thug could Hillary have been?

The Ten Problems with the Democrats

I tend to see the Democratic Party in the being a 8-cylinder vehicle....with three cylinders tune-up in a decade....and a limited amount of fuel in the car in the car anyway, so it's not going far.  So this is my list of problems facing them:

1.  No real plan over immigration.  If anything....some kind of Dream-Act I, which would lead onto Dream-Act II, which would lead onto Dream-Act III, and so on.  Even some Democratic voters have figured out this game.

2.  No real mid-term path.  It's basically an effort to get enough House seats to force impeachment.  To be honest, it doesn't sell well in red states or red districts. I would take a wild guess and say that even 20-percent of Democrats are laughing over the lack of a mid-term path.

3. Pelosi.  Maybe in the 1990s....she had a brand-name.  Today?  Less so.  They need to move on.  Go ask a hundred Democrats in the south, and at least half will say that she's not a positive part of their sales pitch in southern states.

4.  Hillary remaining.  She's still there and part of the lack of a healing process since 2016.

5.  Bernie Sanders remains.  Among the far-radical elements of the Democratic voter crowd.....probably one-third of their base.....he's the ballistic missile of the party and carrying their future.  But to the other two-thirds....they mostly shake their heads and would prefer to find some Bill Clinton-style guy.

6.  The gun control topic.  When you go to urban areas like Memphis, Atlanta, and Houston....locals (even Democrats) will tell you that they will only sign up to some marginal solution or repair.  The hardline ideas?  No.  The rest of the nation?  It's hard to get any of the red districts to go on this path.

7.  Blacks taking the red-pill.  Between November 2016 and November 2020....I expect 10-percent of the blacks who voted against Trump to cross the line and either refuse to vote Democrat, or refuse to vote at all.  Some are asking questions and the Democratic Party can't really resolve the problems.  Is a ten-percent loss of black votes a big deal?  No....but it's a bad indicator of a trend over the next decade.

8.  Sales package with CNN.  Bluntly....the Democrats are hinged to both MSNBC and CNN selling their pitch.  As far as I can see....CNN has reached a stage where their prime-time message is marginal.  I think CNN still matters with crisis events, but no one really cares to watch an hour-long show each night on evil-Trump matters.

9.  The comedians, actors and prominent folks on their anti-Trump agenda.  It have been well focused in 2016, but now is laughed off by a majority of people. Go try and imagine this gimmick for eight straight years.

10.  Finally, as soon as the election wrapped up....some focus team with the party should have met....discussed their weak points and wrote the theme for 2017/2018.  A clear path should have been on everyone's minds.  Where is that solutions for the middle-class Democrat?  Non-existent?  This sole group....working-class Democrats in the rural regions of the nation....almost forgotten for two decades now.

T J Miller

I have a particular TV show (from HBO) that I enjoy.....Silicon Valley.

I'll be honest....there's maybe six different characters from the series, who make the show as successful as it is.  A few months of the actors....T. J. Miller (who plays Erlich Bachman) said 'enough' and left (4th year into the series).  At the time, there was some disagreement brewing between him and the crew (the cast and production team), and Miller said that he had bigger projects coming up.

So back about a month ago....while traveling on AMTRAK....he made some fake call to the cops and caused a big mess with a bomb-threat.  Cops eventually come to him and arrest him.  Charges are set up, and there's a major defense effort required.  If convicted?  Bomb threat charges usually carry up to five years in prison.  His defense? Drunk, and probably doped up.

What has been said in the past week is that Miller got so successful in the series....that he lost his moral compass....started to party excessively....coming onto the studio while unable to function...and made taping with him a miserable experience. 

In a way, Miller became Bachman.  In the the end....he goes off to Tibet, and intends to stay there the rest of his life.

What I suspect?  The judge will sit through this....convict the guy, mandate a two-year sentence...but suspending one year of it if he will do drug-testing and out-patient treatment, with drug-tests required.  A year in prison?  It'll be a hard recovery situation with a guy who had so much going for him.  And the odds of staying off any drugs for a year?  Zero he'll end back in prison during the rehab phase (my humble guess).

You just shake your head over this.  The guy was making great money.....great opportunity ahead....and lost his compass bearings.