Thursday, 3 May 2018

Talking Thug

I sat and watched a piece today on YouTube where two guys were talking over President Trump and they came to this rare moment where they know....he's the first thug-President we ever had, and they were proud of that belief.

I paused over that.  To be honest, other than Andrew Jackson....I don't think anyone could match up with thug-potential to President Trump.  Jackson....was probably twice the thug of Trump (probably Jackson would have pulled a pistol on more than one or two folks in his life, and wouldn't hesitate to get into a fist-fight).

The thing here is that if you lined up all the folks who voted for least a quarter of them will tell you that they wanted a thug for President.  And they'd swear some allegiance to him today, in some weird way.

This Kanye West episode?   In this weird way, I think Kanye also sees this thug factor, and respects Trump because of it.  The fact that some blacks are moving toward Kanye's view of Trump?  Yeah....that's something that would not have happen with Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II.  In fact, if I were a Democratic plans guy.....looking at a 8-year period from Trump, I might have some fear that one-third of all Blacks might be charmed by the thug-view, and vote GOP by the end. 

So as you lay there tonight, and just looking over this whole weird experience.....just pause to think of Hillary sitting there, instead of Trump.  How big of a thug could Hillary have been?

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