Sunday, 6 May 2018


I sat looking at today's two top political headlines.

The first.....AZ Senator John McCain is said to have written up in his new book (The RestLess Wave) that he regrets picking Sarah Palin to be his VP in the 2008 presidential campaign. His preferred choice?  Former Senator Joe Lieberman, who flipped from Democrat to Independent for Connecticut. 

The odds of the John and Joe ticket doing much?  Well....I think one of three GOP working-class Republicans would have declined to vote, and stayed home.  It would have been one of the worst 'beatings' in GOP history. Maybe he should have just picked himself as the VP choice as well.

The second headline is that he's drafting up the funeral plans and says that Trump is on the list NOT invited, while VP Pence is invited.

Petty behavior....something for a 5th-grade kid. 

I would hope that Pence would avoid this funeral. 

Few ever go and read over the Keating Five episode (1989).  I would recommend some review.  All five senators involved....should have done a minimum of three years of time in a federal prison, and lost their jobs.  McCain was one of the five.  He, more or less, proved that you can get away with just about anything if you are a Senator.

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