Sunday, 24 June 2018

My Advice to the Red Hen 'Boss'

Looking over the Sanders episode and how this Red  Hen 'boss' handled it....I would offer the following advice.

1.  Your entire life and future, revolves around that business making money.  If you can't preserve profits and ensure a something on the plus-side....then you shouldn't be a manager.

2.  Once you declare Sanders to be a non-customer....who else are you willing to proclaim as a non-customer?  Would you put me on the list?  Would you have a list of 3,000 Washington folks on that list?  Would North Korea's Kim be on the list? 

3.  If you hired a bunch of social justice warriors to be the bulk of manpower.....are they capable of understanding the profit-motive?

4.  When you located into the local area, did you notice that folks seemed to be a bit conservative?  Maybe more than the typical amount?

5.  I could understanding you prioritizing the client list if you were a Hollywood establishment, but this is Lexington, VA.....with a population of 7,000 locals.  In general, every single dollar of profit matters. 

6.  Finally, I'd suggest that you go and reestablish your operation in some fairly different NY City, or San Francisco. 

The Red Hen Mess

So I sat and reviewed this Sanders/Red Hen episode.

1. It appears this rural but mostly conservative region restaurant has a fair number of junior social justice warriors. How did this occur? No one says much.

2. Red Hen franchise owners throughout the US are probably furious over the attention. My guess is that corporation will have a meeting and consequences will follow.

3.  This is an operation in a fairy rural area of Virginia.  My guess is they depended on the locals for 60 percent of their business and interstate traffic for the rest.  If they lose half of the locals, they fold up by January.  No one will take over the operation, and the young social justice warrior hostesses will not find work with this on their resume.

4. All of this just pushes the envelope when the next democratic President comes along.

5. Finally, where is civil behaviour in 2018?  Could you sit in a church? Could you buy coffee at a Starbucks? Something weird here has occurred and I have doubts it can be resolved.