Sunday, 19 April 2020

Simply Observations

1.  Did AOC actually say that the US is a 'brutal, barbaric society'?

Yep.  She meant it in terms of economics.  In her mind, your paycheck and lifestyle simply continue on....even if you aren't producing anything, selling products, or providing a service.  Yep, it's brutal when all of that fancy stuff just comes to a full-up halt.

Does she need a dose of reality?  She's one of those folks that I think ought to take a year around the country and talk to plain regular people.

2.  In the 20-odd states that Hillary won in there a problem with them voting against Trump in 2020?

The majority of them are locked onto defeating Trump a second time around.  However, several states will be voting more for Trump on this time around.  California this time around for example....will go from 32-percent for probably around 47-percent for Trump.  And in some counties/'ll be shocking how the Democrats lose traditional black/Latino votes.

3. Do people really want to hear from more millionaire celebrities how easy it is to wait this out?

There might be some who go along with this concept.  The majority of people are fed up with these Twitter conversations suggesting to 'wait it out'.

4. Any truth to traffic accident lessening due to the Coronavirus?

Well....yes.  A recent study showed a dramatic decrease.  I suspect if you could get the medical people to review the numbers....even heart-attacks have decreased during this period.  Farmers seeing less deaths and accidents?  No....those folks are still working 15-hour days.

5.  That Auburn, California mayor who tried to make a KKK-reference to Trump recently.....dies Saturday in a airplane accident?

Yep.  Pretty weird.  After he'd done his tirade on the KKK-chatter, he'd announced that on 27 April....he'd resign as town mayor.  This was just a freak-accident.

6.  Did the state of Illinois waste $17-million on a lesser-quality mask for their first-responders?

Well, the widely accepted N-95 masks (approved by the 'Holly-Grail' people at NIOSH could not be found (at least at the pricing that the state had), so they went to the KN-95 mask.

So, this debate starts up, because NIOSH hasn't approved the KN-95.  Who does approve the KN-95?  The Chinese government.  Yep, so this is the current debate.

How this debate goes?  Lot of counterfeit masks around and the KN-95 series is one that gets discussed a good bit.  You might be buying the high quality type, or the counterfeit type with marginal quality built into it.

In this case, someone with 'balls' needs to stand up and verify every box purchased and sign off that they aren't marginally made or counterfeit.


Around ten years ago, I walked into a 24-hour watch center with a dozen people there....glued to one particular TV screen in the middle of the room.  The display was a live car chase in the mid-day hours.....somewhere in central California....and the cops after some idiot.  No one was doing anything but paying attention to the chase, and I stood there with them.....watching the 'doomed' chase continue.  Eventually, the cops caught up with the idiot and set some dog on him to tackle him to the ground after the car simply stopped.  This consumed around ten minutes of our time....watching this unfold.

One of the watch-people and I conversed about this after the event.  He noted that this happens around an average of five times a week as far as he knows, and each time it comes on live.....they all stop and watch the event.  I there anything that you really get out of this, or is it like an episode of 'Demolition-Derby'?  He mostly grinned and agreed, that was exactly what drew him to the event.

Around a year ago, I tried to watch CNN.  It was a mid-day hour, and their focus was another full hour of 'Trump-porn'.  Five experts....going in a circle....all focused on the great downfall of Trump. 

There are two groups within this CNN 'circle'.  One group consists of the news journalists themselves....who show up daily and take what they build a full hour of 'doom'.

The second group are the 'consumers' at home (the viewers) who are locked in and have to watch each gripping hour of 'Trump-porn' to fulfill their desires. 

Maybe in 2017, they were mildly into the act, but we are in the midst of the 4th year, and frankly....some of these people are on the verge of a 'melt-down'.

I noticed last night (via Twitter) that CNN's Brian Stelter was describing his mental condition, and laying out what was a lite version of a emotional breakdown. Between the Corona-doom, the death-doom, and the Trump-porn....he was now at some low-point. 

What was shocking, via Twitter.....after he admitted this.....various people came up to admit the same feeling.....hopelessness and despair.  The evil-Trump, the deaths on all sides, and just plain utter fear in dealing with all of this. 

In the middle of these Twitter-feelings....some guy finally stood up and said....'why don't you guys just turn the TV off and do some actual work'?

The problem here is that people across the nation....maybe numbering into the five to ten million....are in great despair, and via CNN and the other 'services'....they are binge-watching all of this and reaching some mental stage where they can't handle things.  Tomorrow will come, and they will turn the TV on to watch Trump-porn, death-doom, Corona-doom, and conversations between experts on all this stuff.

Even if they were able to convince people to all vote for Biden....relieving everyone of the Trump-porn....then you'd wake up to realize that Biden doesn't have much of an answer, and we'd get introduced to Biden-porn. 

There's something wrong here, but we haven't grasped that angle of the problem yet.