Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Trump: 2020?

According to Drudge....it'll be announced in the next day or two. More than 900 days away.

No President has ever gone and done this as early as this. 

The plus factor?  He can go and travel around the country, to just give speeches.  My guess....every two weeks....there's going to be some appearance in two cities over an eight-hour period, and he pumps up the crowd.

For the Democrats?  Man, this puts them into a tough position.  They don't have the money right now to help Democrat Senators in the 2018 election....that's bad enough.  But they don't have the money to plow into the top three folks to appear nationally over the next two years.  They are total dependent upon MSNBC and CNN to have their folks appear weekly.  The fact that few folks watch those networks?  Well....yeah, that's a problem.

Former President Obama in the mix?  Yep....Trump will pretend he's the target and use him and his weekly criticisms as the target.  For the Democratic Party, this is the wrong way of allowing the party message to go forward.

Any talk of the impeachment deal?  If you don't carry it out....your whole package for the serious Democrat is demoralized.

Here's the cherry on this cake.....he only has to appear in the thirty states that he carried before.  He doesn't even have to carry a 50-state campaign. 

There at the rear of this whole mess is Hillary Clinton...likely sitting and thinking over Bill's words in the summer of 2016, and looking at how Trump played the whole 2016 election.  If she were five years younger....she'd go into full-blast turbo and go against Trump for the three years.  She's likely contemplating the future, the money required, and age-health issue.  My guess is that she'd like to run. 

It's an odd topic and will dominate the headlines for at least the next seven days.

A Little History Story

My brother brought up part of this story, and I sat down to spend several hours last night looking over this curious piece of California history.

So, once upon a time.....there was this election for mayor coming up in San Francisco....4 November 1975.

Two individuals running.  Democrat George Moscone (state senator and lawyer).  Republican John Barbagelata (real estate guy and on the city council).

Most people in the summer of 1975...gave Barbagelata the edge.

For some odd reason, never to be explained in public....Moscone went and had some meeting with a guy by the name of Michael Prokes.  He was in his late 20's.....a journalism student for the most part but hooked up to various social groups and in particularly with the People's Temple.

Yeah, that's the Jim Jones crowd....if you were curious.

No one can say for sure what came out of this Moscone and Prokes meeting, but after this....Prokes has a lot of hyped up enthusiasm to get his people....the People's Temple religious crowd....into the canvasing for Moscone.

What most suggest is that the People's Temple crowd did cover a couple of neighborhoods (certainly NOT all of the city), and they were picky about the choice of the neighborhoods.  They just wanted a mass group of people to show up on 4 November from those selected neighborhoods. 

What occurred on 4 November?  Moscone won by 1-percent (4,400 votes roughly). 

The end?  No.  Barbagelata felt that a fair number of votes were simply bused into the city and were not legit.  Proof?  None really.  There is a strong suggestion which came out of a NY Times piece in 1978....that busloads of folks were carried from Redwood Valley.  That's 123 miles outside of the city limits.  But again, it's not substantial proof.  The comment by a Jone's member that Jones directed them on how to vote?  Maybe, but that's not illegal. 

Could you have bussed in 4,400 folks to make the difference?  Well....you figure sixty folks per bus, and the answer ought to be no.  But then they did canvas the neighborhoods and got people to show up and vote. That might have made the difference. 

What happened to Prokes (the guy to arrange this situation)?  Well.....18 November 1978....three years later....he dies in Jonestown. 

Moscone?  Well, this is an interesting twist or two.  He was way ahead on the gay trend business, and really hyped up on liberal agendas. 

Well....eight days prior to the Jonestown business...this odd event occurred in San Francisco.

There was an odd group developing and one of the city council guys was Dan White (former US Army), and tied to a conservative part of town. Over the two years prior, White had gotten into frequent arguments with the developing left-base of the city council (in particular, with Harvey Milk, another city council guy....and gay).

On 10 November 1978, Dan White finally had enough....the trend of the city council was becoming more and more frustrating.  So he resigned. Part of this issue revolved around the fact that he could not work for the city as a fire-fighter/cop....receiving a salary as such....while being a city council guy.  No one states the pay-scale, but I'm guessing that city council duty paid half of what a cop or fire-fighter made.

Four days go by, and Dan now realizes....that was a big mistake to quit as city council member.  He went back to Mayor Moscone and asked to be reappointed.

Well....Moscone says no.

On 27 November 1978....Dan goes into the city hall area and shoots the mayor, and Harvey Milk....dead.

Dan says in his defense....his mental conditions triggered this.  Oddly, the judge says fine....giving him seven years in prison for killing the two guys.  Yep....seven years for killing two guys.  He's paroled in January of 1984....so he doesn't even get the full sentence.  Roughly a year later, he commits suicide. 

Looking back at Mayor Moscone?  Within six to eight years....he would have gone onto running for the US senate, and been in DC.  Somewhere by the late 1980s...he would have run for President, around age 60.  The odds are....instead of Bill Clinton....you would have had President Moscone (my humble guess). 

The Jonestown thing fitting into this?  It's the odd piece and you have to wonder about how this all worked out, and this young guy....Micheal Prokes, if he hadn't died there in Jonestown.

How Did Prohibition Fail?

If you went and looked, through most countries in the 1880s-1890s....there was an anti-alcohol movement in a busy state of activity.

In the US....this movement reached the stage where they decided that only by writing this into the Constitution.....making it the only text without freedom (yeah, an odd thing).  In both 1913 and 1915, attempts were made in Congress to bring to a closure and pass the prohibition idea.  So it came up in 1917, and it passed. 

As January of 1920 rolled around, it was to occur.  You could still drink alcohol after X-day, but only until your stock was extinguished.  By spring of 1920....people were attempting to live without alcohol.  And within weeks....various people were distilling their own whiskey, or bringing in booze via some neighboring country.

Capone and crime?  Well....they found a lucrative market. 

Bars couldn't be public places?  Fine, they'd be quietly constructed and hidden.

Women?  Well, in this new era....Honky-Tonks were social places and guys could bring their dates or girlfriends.  Dancing and boozing became popular.  Women accepted the idea of alcohol.

In roughly four years, the whole idea of prohibition had become a joke.

We were a nation of hypocrites....joking about it in public, and trying hard to admit that the law could be enforced....when it could not.

So come 5 December 1933....it was undone and written out of the Constitution.

The saloon-like atmosphere that had been popular before prohibition?  For the most part.....it didn't come back.  We had been introduced to cocktails in this 13-year period, and liked that more than beer.  It was a fresh perspective that we'd gained.

Would any type of modification to the Constitution over guns come to the same fate?  Yes.  We would revert back to the nation of hypocrites, and likely not observe the law.  And the nation would gain some fresh new perspective.