Tuesday, 27 February 2018

How Did Prohibition Fail?

If you went and looked, through most countries in the 1880s-1890s....there was an anti-alcohol movement in a busy state of activity.

In the US....this movement reached the stage where they decided that only by writing this into the Constitution.....making it the only text without freedom (yeah, an odd thing).  In both 1913 and 1915, attempts were made in Congress to bring to a closure and pass the prohibition idea.  So it came up in 1917, and it passed. 

As January of 1920 rolled around, it was to occur.  You could still drink alcohol after X-day, but only until your stock was extinguished.  By spring of 1920....people were attempting to live without alcohol.  And within weeks....various people were distilling their own whiskey, or bringing in booze via some neighboring country.

Capone and crime?  Well....they found a lucrative market. 

Bars couldn't be public places?  Fine, they'd be quietly constructed and hidden.

Women?  Well, in this new era....Honky-Tonks were social places and guys could bring their dates or girlfriends.  Dancing and boozing became popular.  Women accepted the idea of alcohol.

In roughly four years, the whole idea of prohibition had become a joke.

We were a nation of hypocrites....joking about it in public, and trying hard to admit that the law could be enforced....when it could not.

So come 5 December 1933....it was undone and written out of the Constitution.

The saloon-like atmosphere that had been popular before prohibition?  For the most part.....it didn't come back.  We had been introduced to cocktails in this 13-year period, and liked that more than beer.  It was a fresh perspective that we'd gained.

Would any type of modification to the Constitution over guns come to the same fate?  Yes.  We would revert back to the nation of hypocrites, and likely not observe the law.  And the nation would gain some fresh new perspective. 

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