Sunday, 22 March 2020

Ten Things You Can Do on 'Lock-Down'

If you were on some 14-day wait-and-see virus watch, or just sent home for two to four weeks?  This is my list of things to do:

1.  Do that self-help re-sod job for your lawn.  Figure with basic landscaping and everything involved....a good two weeks of work for everything.

2.  Pick up White Fang, Call of the Wild and The Little Lady of the Big House.  All books by Jack London.  Note on 'Big House''s a bit naughty and a bit depressing in the end.

3.  Re-watch all the episodes of Seinfeld.  All 180 of them.

4.  Buy a Van Gogh paint-by-the numbers kit, with the 36 colors. 

5.  Watch CNN around the clock.

6.  Write a 600-page novel on a trailer-suburb, lost love, freaky nutcase women, and what would happen if everyone had to stay in their little 'world' for a month.

7.  Buy a broken lawnmower and rebuild it from scratch, using YouTube videos.

8.  Watch the weather channel around the clock.

9.  Order up a case of PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon beer) daily from the local grocery, and just hang out on the patio with some R E M tunes, and some blue grass classics.

10.  Just put a chair by the mailbox, and count cars all day. 

I'm pretty sure at the end, you will be ready to return to work.

On Lori Vallow Daybell

For about six weeks, I've been watching this case in Idaho play out, with these 'lost' kids and the whacked-up mother (Lori Vallow Daybell).

So I've come to this conclusion.

What you have is an extreme case of paranoid schizophrenia, and nothing Daybell says is fact or fiction.  She's living in her own world and unable to fit into reality.

The kids? Probably dead.

What'll happen?  The judge (in my mind) will come to grasp this, and require a mental exam (figure 60 days of this).  It'll come back and the doctor will sign the papers to say she's a full-up 100-percent case of schizophrenia, and the court is just wasting its time.

Off she'll go, for a locked-up compound, for the rest of her life.

This guy who married her?  He wanted to believe her....badly.  Maybe he knows some pieces to the story, but I wouldn't put him into the schizophrenia group.

Her life?  I think she puts herself into the position of being a Jesus-like figure, and that's her little world. 

So we are all wasting our time on this story, and simply drawn to the crazy-factor. 

The Vaccine or the 'Game-Changer' Drug?

A vaccine for the Coronavirus?  At best, it might come along in early 2021....virtually everyone agrees on that.

The 'game-changer' drug deal?

Here's how this works.   A mixture (probably two to three current drugs on the market for other things) is applied to a sick guy, and the pneumonia-like symptoms are cut down.  There's no way to say 30-percent, 50-percent or even 70-percent.  But you'd get the virus, see the doctor for a test, and once confirmed....get a likely ten-day dose of the game-changer drugs. 

You would then go through a lesser situation, and the death rate would likely be cut in half or more.

How long away for this?  If the game-changer drugs exist could be talking about an end to the threat by May-to-June. 

An acceptable end to the mess?  Some people will say 'NO'.  There will still be deaths.  Here's the thing....there would be deaths with regular flu, meth-use, or diabetes anyway. 

The positive?  Within ten days after the announcement is made over the game-changer drug could re-open airports and get back to normal business.  Yeah, you'd still get the stupid virus and be out of work for probably five days (like the flu would have done you)....but things would go back to a normal situation. 

The journalists hyped up that the virus threat lessened drastically?  That's the comical part of the suggestion.  You'd still have 2,000 journalists across the nation hyped up (anti-Trump, pro-Coronavirus, etc).  The odds that the Europeans would fall in line and accept the game-changer drug?  I think they would drag their feet for about six weeks and then discover that the US has emerged out of the mess, and a massive discontent would exist with regular people over stupid leadership. 

So yeah, the game-changer drug a big deal.  You just haven't reached the impact yet.  Oh, and the cost factor of the game-changer drug?  Unknown, and that's another curious part of the story.  It might be as low as $20 per day for the drug-combo, or it might be $75 per day for the combo.  Or it might even be free via some Trump-deal.