Thursday, 14 November 2019

The 'Shiffy Show', Lost and Closure

My brother brought up this topic.....over the impeachment hearings (the Shiffy Show), and the TV series Lost (one of my favorite all-time shows).

What made Lost (the series) a great series...was the thrill of the unknown.  They could package six to eight curves in each 43-minute drama piece.  Throughout the first and second season, you probably had over 300-odd curves which lifted you into a state of suspense.  It literally begged you to come back the next week, and try to solve mystery #11.....while they were introducing you to mystery #12 and #13.

But here's the thing about Lost, even with all the great characters, acting, the early part of season four, you were discounting about half of their mystery elements, and shaking your head because nothing really could explain the whole thing without suggesting that this was just a fake reality, and landing you in either 'limbo' or purgatory (between heaven and hell).

At that point, you grumbled your way through season five and six.

Episode 121?  The ending....more or less to deliver you over to 'closure'.  Certain characters were absolutely dead....and a handful were going off to a permanent purgatory existence.

A lot of 'huff' and 'puff' over nothing?  In the end, you just were left with a marginalized closure, and wishing that the show had a real ending.

So you gaze over to the impeachment hearing....waiting for 'Jack' to arrive, and the storyline to pick up....wondering about 'little smokey', the four-toes Taweret statue, that Ben-character (if he is that evil), the re-set button, and thinking that James Sawyer-character from Jasper, Alabama might save everyone.  If none of those mystery things come up in the hearings?'s pretty much doomed.

In the end with Lost, you wanted closure, and you never got it.

In the end with the impeachment hearing business, you want closure (if you were a CNN-obsessed person or Hillary-voter), and you probably won't get it.

Adding to this mess, with Joe and Hunter Biden's also kinda wonder if this not more like the Sopranos of New Jersey TV fame....than Lost.  The Delaware and Ukrainian mafia?  In fine clothing?

First Day of Impeachment Hearing

To be honest, I only put in 45 minutes of viewing.  To me, it's really not that dramatic or filled with information.  But there is this one thing that stood out with the witnesses that came on day one....second-hand and third-hand information.

Throughout my life (in the military years and the contractor period).....I often found that you needed to find the obvious person who knew the situation or the facts.  You learned to value first-hand information, and to usually discount second or third-hand information. 

If this hearing business ends up being mostly a pony-show, with people talking about so-and-so saying this but they didn't really hear it themselves....then it's a worthless show. 

Maybe it got better after the 45-minute period I watched....but if it didn't, then it's pretty much a wasted effort.