Thursday, 9 April 2020

My 'Reverse' Idea on Voting

Lets start a new practice in the US.  Instead of a poll-tax.....a poll-pay-out ($250), for each adult who votes. 

The trick?  Well, to get the 'voucher', you'd present an ID to show who you are at the polling site. 

The free-money?  It'd come from the wonderful federal government who just throws money out....left and right....anyway.

If you show up and don't want to show the ID....fine, no poll-pay-out and we just note your name on the non-pay list.  A month down the line, if questions arise....your non-ID folks get on a special list of people to review and see if they voted twice or are non-citizens. 

The Three Events That Jump-Started Corona in America

Sorry if you were thinking it was all Trump's fault....but you might want to sit down and think about the three:

1.  New Orleans Mardi Gras was allowed to continue on.  That was a serious blunder.

2.  Spring-break in Florida was allowed to continue on.  That was a serious blunder.

3.  NY City saying 'no big deal' back in Feb, and suggesting that mass transit by subway was not a problem.  The enclosed cars simply helped to spread the virus around the whole city.

If those three events had been attended to.....our virus-count right now would be one-quarter of what the numbers are.  In each case, a mayor or governor could have done something, but failed.

If March Madness had been allowed?  Oh, we'd have 20-percent more victims on the board.  If baseball had opened up on schedule, toss on another 20-percent.