Sunday, 17 June 2018

Do We Really Care?

Over the past decade, one had to sit and watch various entertainers, singers, comedians, actors, and fake prominent folks turn into social justice 'warriors'. 

At some point, the question started to come you really if such-and-such comedian is a social justice warrior?  Do you care what hype your favorite entertainer is giving? 

As each month went had more and more folks wanting to share their social justice occupation.  At some point, even NFL players got into the act. 

The blunt truth is that we are losing interest in these social justice 'campaigns'.  We are even approaching the mentality of suggesting that some of these are just plain fake in nature. 

The take by some of these comedians and actors?  Well...they are doubling down....insisting that they have some legitimate battle going on and they want to share it with you. The general reaction?  Turning off the TV, or hitting 'mute'.  In the case of the NFL, people are in a mindset to stop watching games, paying $100 for a seat at some game, or to spend $500 on a specially-designed leather jacket with the team logo. 

So I think this new era is about to arrive where people just say in simple words....we just don't care about your 'battle' or social justice cause.  You aren't really a comedian, an actor, or entertainer.  You are something, but we just aren't sure what that something is.

For some folks, it means a career has potentially ended around age forty-five, and their lifestyle will have to be downsized drastically.  Maybe there will be some social justice campaign about the unfairness of life.  I'm sure we'd all like to hear about that 'battle'.