Saturday, 27 July 2019

How 2016 'Russian Meddling' May Work in the 2020 Election

You have two separate concepts.  One group suggests that the Russians heavily meddled in the 2016 election....causing Trump to win (or Hillary to lose, depending on your state of mind).  The other group suggests that whatever did occur, was really outflanked by meddling by the GOP and Democrats themselves.

Trump (and the Democratic House) may decide by spring of 2020 (eight months prior to the election) that SOMETHING has to be resolved or fixed, and this might turn into a cluster-F**K (a term we often used in the Air Force when marginal problems got resolutions that made bigger problems instead of fixing the original situation).

Trump could go and push for a national database to ensure voter conflicts are resolved, which would be bitterly fought by twenty-odd states. 

The Congress folks (led by Pelosi) could go and suggest a national commission to monitor the situation (meaning nothing would basically occur).

Some big push might occur to ensure an ID is required to vote, while the Democratic-held House would fight against it. 

Some folks from both groups might go and suggest a massive grip by the government on social media, which would harm both political parties. 

I would suggest to sit back and be entertained by the 'fakeness' of the meddling and how people laugh over the Russian story. 

Heat Wave Chatter

I noticed this today....some guy (probably a PhD'er)....came out and suggested that we needed to name 'heat waves' like we name hurricanes or storm fronts.  Course, he wanted to start the naming process at 28 degrees C (82 degrees F). 

I kinda like the idea although I'd start it at 35 degrees C (95 degrees F).  And I'd go one step further.....I'd only use Greek names (Aesop, Andrei, etc). 

Here's the thing....talking about the weather used to be normal and one of the ten ways that you could connect with the gas station 'chief' or the coffee shop waitress.  Ever since climate change entered into the discussion.....if you bring up weather, then it's some science discussion or catastrophic worry. If these events had names, then you'd talk about the big Apollo-2022 heat wave compared against the Arsen-2020 heat wave.  It'd be more personable in discussion then.