Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Knowledge Essay

Everyday that you walk are forced into a situation where you have to retain a fair amount of knowledge....not only to survive, but to conduct most all of the little taskings in your life.

If you take a 1936 car....there's about fifteen general things that you needed really know about the car, and maybe eight total controls that mattered on the car (brakes, accelerator, lights, key, horn, fuel display, speedometer, heat control, and window 'roller'). 

If you take a 2018 car....after you've read the ninety-page will reach the conclusion that there's about three-hundred significant things about the car that you need to know and remember.  The sixteen different warning symbols on the dash?  Well....yeah, you need to remember what exactly they mean.  The forty-odd controls now at your disposal?  Their significance matters.  Every year that passes.....they add another two or three characteristics that add dynamics onto the way you operate the car.

GPS devices?  There's probably a hundred features now that matter (you could program it to tell you where all the Sonic-burger 'joints' are located as you pass through town after town).  You could use your GPS capability on the smart-phone to tell you about gas prices along the sixty-mile route to work and where you ought to stop to fuel up and save 4-cents per gallon.

Your refrigerator? You might have the newest model with forty features connected to some massive memory device. 

Your heating system in the house?  In my house, the system (from 2007) has seven control items, and I can arrange it to drop the temperature after 10 PM by fifteen degrees, and 'wake-up' at 5 AM to heat the house back to normal.  Some folks have AC units which work in the opposite fashion.

ATM machines used to be dirt-simple, with only four options (besides dispensing money).  Even their functionality has increased.

The problem is that you now need expertise there to answer very technical questions.  In 1975, if you'd stopped at some hardware store for a home-project....'Dandy Dave' would have been able to answer every single question and you would have left in eight minutes with the right items.  Today...'Dandy Dave' is gone, and you have his nephew 'Leon'.....who barely got out of high school, and he only knows of four types of hammers, while there are officially 23 models and types of hammers in the 'real world'.  'Leon' is worthless but he's all you got.

The burger kid at McDonalds?  In the 1975, that kid knew the entire grill operation and any problems could be resolved in three minutes.  Today, the kid has to call some technician out to repair the grill....mostly because it's too complicated for the real world.  Same way for the coffee maker, the soda apparatus, and the fryer.

We each now walk around with 40,000 index cards of information that we have to survive and operate all the gadgets in our life.  Will this actually double in the next twenty years?  It's possible. 

Criticizing the Criticizer

I sit and watch around three to five hours a week of YouTube lectures.  Often, after opening up for have these 20-year old types stand up and open up with criticism on the lecture guy and it's the left-wing versus right-wing type of dramatic situation.  The 'kid' wants to make some melodramatic moment for his 'cause'.

In 99-percent of these breathtaking moments....the student basically drives a 'stake' through their own argument and you end up watching some theatrical defense of a fifth-grade kid wearing adult clothing.

So I often sit there wondering....the kid has at least a year or two of college....maybe even closing in on four years of university time.  Can't he sit and develop his basic argument and present it with a fact or two, and avoid stupid commentary, or protest-like singing, or yelling enough to shut down the lecture?

A lot of these university kids have tuition and living costs that amount to $25,000 a year and you would sit there and think about the limited capability that they are getting out of this deal.  A hundred years ago....debate was an actual class and you had to show some marginal skills in graduate.

After you've seen enough of these, you just shake your head.  They obviously want to shut down the lecture....there's too much information flowing from the lecture guy.  There are ideas being suggested which 'just blow the mind' of the kid trying to oppose or hinder the hecture.  You can sense that they'd really like to stop this lecture chatter because some people in the audience might fall for this stuff and move away from the kid's beliefs. 

As each one of the episodes kinda wonder.....if the kid realizes his dramatic failure at this lecture, does he go back to his professor 'mentor'....the guy giving him the basic for his arguments, and admit failure....or does he just go to the routine of marking his criticism of the lecture as a 'win'? 

It's a sad thing to consider, but we are perhaps pumping out idiot university graduates, with huge debts, and debate skills are still that of a fifth-grade kid.