Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Fifteen Things About Trump's Economy

1.  Since day one of the Trump administration, seven million jobs have been added to the economy.  To put that into would mean that every single person in the state of Tennessee (including the aged, the kids, the mentally insane, and folks in prisons).....have been hired-up.  Note, since Tennessee has only 6.8-million.

2.  Back in 2016 (November), the total number of unemployed were around 7.4-million across the US.  If you use that number....we've basically taken more 95-percent of the unemployed of 2016, and put them to work.....whether they liked that idea or not.

3.  The rate of unemployed women?  Nationally, since's the lowest number of women unemployed.  Think about that.

4.  If you were a disability, but wanted to work?  The unemployment rate is the lowest for your category, since the 1950s. 

5.  If you had no high school diploma?  The unemployment rate is the lowest for your category, since the 1950s. 

6.  If you were a vet?  Your unemployment rate is currently lowest since the 1950s.

7.  Wage growth?  Since's at the fastest pace of any year in that decade.  But if you looked at actual numbers....3-percent a year is now the norm.

8.  Wage-levels for low-income people?  It's now (2019) rated as the fastest rising number....over all over groups. 

9.  Between two and three million Americans are now lifted out of poverty status since this Administration arrived.  If you were black or Latino in 2016 on poverty status.....your level is now in 2020 at the lowest level since they started collecting statistical data in the 1950s. 

10.  Approximately seven million Americans that were on food stamps in 2016.....are no longer qualified for them.....because they are making a decent wage. 

11.  With measurements on business optimism....there's a 35-year old record which was broken in owners and businessmen were at a massive 'high'. 

12.  Roughly 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created out of thin air since November 2016.  Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all said in strong words that these jobs were permanently lost and would never come back.  Well....they were wrong.

13.  ONE trillion dollars flowed back into the US from overseas, as the President and Congress delivered the tax break deal. 

14.  Almost 9,000 communities in the US have been designated as 'opportunity zones'.  The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council has taken on 175 actions to promote growth and investment into these zones.

15.  Within the tax reforms, the child tax credit has been doubled.  That means over $2k for families. 

Pelosi Impeachment Scenario #99

On the 4th of February.....roughly four weeks away, President Trump is slated to present a State of the Union message to the House/Senate. 

I think it's now possible that Nancy Pelosi will not hand the articles of impeachment over....until the morning of the 4th, to stage a chaotic moment that evening and hoping that Trump will go into some ballistic mode for the likely one-hour speech. 

Crazy to wait out another four weeks?  Yeah, I might agree to that.  But there's really not that many reasons to draw this out past the mid-January period. 

What Trump might do? 

If I were Trump and anticipating this to be the scenario....I'd come to announce around the last day of January (a Friday, the 31st).....I'd announce that a typed-up State of the Union message will be handed to the House at 7 PM on the 4th, and that as President.....I'm actually delivering the speech in some arena (maybe in a heavily Trump-voter state).....around real people. 

Then at the conclusion of this State of the Union speech....I'd announce that as soon as the Impeachment is concluded.....I'm making another speech over where things are going in 2020, with five impact areas that I'm demanding the House and Senate attend to, and that I'm going direct to your own districts during the year to talk about these national agenda items.   Either you get onboard, or I'll make you explain why you don't want these things as your goals.