Friday, 13 April 2018

Lost in Space?

I sat today and watched the ten episodes of the new Netflix series.....'Lost in Space'.  So, some comments.

1.  Whatever you remember of the 1960s might relate to five or six basic functions of this series, and that's it. 

2.  Doctor Smith in this a female nutcase who has killed a few people, and I would regard her as someone that needs to be dropped off into some prison or mental institution.

3.  The robot angle to this story?  A five-star dynamic, and you really don't figure this out until episode ten. 

4.  The biggest difference between this series and the 1960s version?  People die in this series.

5.  The acting in this series?  Not exactly remarkable, but it's Netflix-produced, so that's not a big deal.

My humble guess is that a 2nd season will come out of this, but the robot angle is the question-mark.