Monday, 25 December 2017

The Santa Story

I noticed this piece early this morning (25th)....that a Canadian government organization is saying that global warming has triggered Santa Claus to "pack-up" and move....taking his toy-making operation, the deer barn, and the Santa house....down to the South Pole. 

This organization?  The Policy Horizons Canada. 

Part of the story going with this....that the 'international community' (apparently not the US)....were in agreement and there was some written document where Santa, and the global warming community signed this document.

Now....I sat and pondered upon this amusing story.

A smart 8-year old kid would have eventually got to this point and, Santa just lived on top of ice...not land, all this time?  Where did these reindeer eat grass?  Did Santa have to ship in grain and hay for the reindeer.....aboard aircraft, and thus trigger climate change himself? 

This toy-making operation, with the thousands of elves....did they require constant heat, and thereby create climate change as well....with coal or oil heat?

If things are heating up at the North Pole....wouldn't the same heating-up or climate change exist at the South Pole?

Will the letters written and addressed to the North Pole.....get now to the South Pole?  What if some kids don't get the message, will their letters just end up with some dead-end post office in the North Pole?  Will Larry (the kind-hearted mail guy from the Canadian government who delivered mail to Santa for 40 years) still have a job? 

Were the elves forced into this move?  Or did the elves just accept this as being the only solution? 

Can reindeer survive at the South Pole?  Are there any there (no)? 

What did Ms Santa say about all of this? 

It simply begs questions.  One has to hope that CNN will get to the bottom of this story.