Thursday, 25 July 2019

My Observations Over the Mueller Episode

Altogether, I probably watched about two hours of clips over the Mueller meeting yesterday.  No, I didn't watch his opening statement segment....but I caught enough of Republicans and Democrats asking questions to reach four observations:

1.  Maybe a decade ago, Mueller was a witty and clever guy, but the guy I saw yesterday was drained of energy, lacking any ability to drill down into the topic, and was a guy at the end of his career.

In some ways, I felt sorry for him.  But as you look around....there are a number of folks who have stayed beyond their value in Washington and can't deliver any longer (Pelosi, former Senator from Mississippi.....Thad Cochran, Senator Feinstein from California, Senator Grassley from Kansas, etc).

2.  The value of this 'show' yesterday for the Democrats?  Maybe they had some view that they had 'gold' still left to mine, but I'd say if anything....this impeachment chatter is basically finished and any hope of using Mueller's work is a joke.

3.  If they did go to impeachment....the President's lawyers have the right to bring various witnesses in, and they might drag Mueller back for a second round, or perhaps drag in dementia experts to talk over Mueller's health aspects.  If you thought this round yesterday went marginally well, that impeachment project would be a total failure.

4.  This brings me back to the beginning....did Sessions know that Mueller was losing it?  Did one guy marginally capable of delivering anything....just select another guy marginally capable of delivering anything?

I'm kinda hoping this is the end now for this whole impeachment talk.  If it continues on....people would start to treat it as a comedy, and it's value goes away.