Saturday, 12 May 2018

McCain Never Was That Bright

After sitting and reading over the comment by Senator John McCain and his 2008 election decision to bring Sarah Palin in as his VP.....being the wrong decision, I paused over the comment and the explanation.

For two days, I've pondered over this commentary.  So I've come to this observation.

McCain was, and probably still unwise and immature Republican political figure.

If he made the decision, then he was the one who made it....not the Republican Party.  If he wants to go out in a death spiral now and admit all this stupidity of his....fine, but all it does is leave a bad taste in the mouths of people who read this and think of McCain being an incredible stupid political figure.

I went back and looked up the Naval Academy period.  At the conclusion of four years.....he was number 894 out of 899 students.  Yeah, there were only five guys behind him, and 893 people in front of him.

How do you accomplish that?  Lack of study, lazy behavior, no emphasis on class projects, test failures, and just plain carelessness.  Fifty years later, he has progressed to the same exact level.  You could probably go and review the 894 folks who were ahead of him, and find they all did better in life than McCain. 

So you look at the VP chatter and his admitting picking Palin was stupid....then you just start shaking your head.  He's admitting here in the end, that he just couldn't make wise decisions.  With most folks on making's generally a 50-50 shot on decision-making, and it ending up being a good decision.  With McCain, it was never tended to get a 90-10 factor of making bad decisions.   In fact, you could always listen to McCain speak, and easily reach the conclusion that whatever he was were better off to go the opposite direction entirely.