Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Ninth Planet Deal

I probably wasted an hour reading upon the talk yesterday of the new 'discovery' of the ninth planet.

So, onto real facts.  No one can absolutely confirm this discovery.  What they've done is pour the data into a computer, and with simulation concludes that such a planet exists, it's size is related to Neptune, and it rotates about every 15,000 to 20,000 years through our system.  Their chatter so far indicates that it was a planet that survived in our system, and then got "bumped".

It's orbit when approaching this area?  Between Saturn and Jupiter.

The odds of this being a perfect orbit and repeating orbit path each time it enters our chunk of the universe?  Well....that's not yet possible to say.  All of simply theory.

With can't name the planet, so it will continue to be called "Planet X".  To be honest, it might still be another 1,000 years before we even get to some point of identifying it, the proven path, and then naming the thing.

A big deal?  For the planet scientists....this is like the 4th of July.  It'll keep them hyped up for months and working on some new theory to explain how the crash occurred and how the spiral turned into some orbit.  For the second part of this orbit to has to slung from another sun-like point (yet to really be identified).

But here's the other part of this story.  Who says that we are only talking about one single Planet X?  Could there be other planets that got bumped and they are on some 40,000 year orbit? just don't know.