Monday, 5 August 2019

My Observations over Dayton and El Paso

Ten thoughts:

1.  The word 'Incel' comes up a good bit....meaning 'involuntary celibates', a sub-culture of male 'boys' who are mostly gamers, and unable to date or assemble a life of normalcy.  This has been going on for more than twenty years, and helps to explain why the majority of the shooters are white, losers, and lacking any care of society or people.

2.  Weapons of war.  It's a nifty term, but trying to use it for the AR-15 won't work.  There's not a single military structure in the world that uses the AR-15.  The M-16?  Yes, but the AR-15 is simply a different gun, and not a weapon of war.

3.  People who write manifestos.  In general....anyone who writes a manifesto, is aiming to bring society to a civil war or revolution....through a violent means, and death is involved.  Charles Manson was that type of nut....Adolph Hitler was that type of nut.  The Christchurch shooter, was that type of nut.

4.  Attempting to take all guns?  I just don't see cops being enthusiastic about storming homes and trying to take weapons that people refuse to turn in.

5.  Raising the age to purchase a weapon to 21?  Well, if that kid is that immature....why are you letting him vote, get a credit card, borrow tens of thousands to get into college loan debt, etc?  It seems like if the age is the big deal....lets go and really screw with the immature kids and take their vote away as you take the gun right away.

6.  Treating juveniles in high school who make threats or suggest some 'hit-list' to be treated like adults?  Parents might want to prevent this, but once you took some kid who made a death-threat into a jail situation for a year or would eventually get the attention of kids, and clean up a growing threat.

7.  Ever noticed that the number of black mass shooters are mostly guys who got fired, and returned to work to extract some revenge?  Ever noticed that women shooters are non-existent?

8.  After each of these events, there's a up-turn on folks wanting a conceal-and-carry permit, and folks carrying more weapons?  I would take a guess right now in the state of Alabama....five out of ten vehicles leaving for work this morning....have some guy or gal armed.

9.  Video-gaming dehumanizing kids?  Yes....but what are you willing to do about it?  Would you forbid sales, or criminalize any store that offers the games....even to adults?  I doubt it.

10.  Will-power to change the Constitution?  As much as Democrats blabber about 'change'.....I seriously doubt that you can find more than four of ten Democrats who want the Constitution changed on guns.  I would also suggest that in cities like Detroit and Atlanta....seventy-five percent of Democrat-voting homes will have a minimum of a pistol in the residence.