Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Thing About Donald Trump

The announcement came today of Trump running for President.  For most folks who consider themselves Republicans or leaning-independents-toward-Republicans.....Trump is this nutcase guy who can't win the Presidency but in the space of ten minutes.....says five things that really spark your interest.

Trump isn't a politician, nor does he fit any realistic profile of a guy running for office.  Dirt dug up on the guy?  For every pound of dirt that any news organization digs up.....Trump has people who dig up twice that much on the newspaper or news organization involved.  Pound for pound.....Trump extracts a pay-back.

A couple of guys would sit there and imagine Trump winning.....but when you get down to actually voting for the guy.....I could see one in ten actually voting in some primary for the guy.  Maybe if Cruz or Walker said some really stupid stuff.....you might have ten percent of either guy's group move to Trump as some opposition vote.

Would you really want some CEO guy running America.....firing the CIA guy when he did something stupid, or dumping the VP in the middle of some meeting and telling him to just go home?  The Chinese?  They'd be in utter fear of what this guy might do.....same for the Saudis and the French.

The guy most shocked by a possible win?  Trump himself, my humble opinion.

The House of Clinton versus The House of Bush

Since yesterday's announcement of Jeb Bush running for President.....some people are quietly forecasting (at least in their little world).....this mythical battle of the House of Bush versus the House of Clinton.  It's kinda like Game of Thrones or Mad Men series of appealing scenarios that people would like to be a part of or participate in some fantasy world.

Yeah.....things are a bit screwed up.

In this fantasy epic.....the House of Bush would tear up the Republican competition in Iowa and lay down Cruz and Walker in a matter of four weeks after the primaries started.  Rubio might be a problem, and they'd have to bring in some heavy hitters to talk the slant against Rubio (he's a foreigner....he's a Mexican.....he's a lawyer.....etc).  The House of Bush would then easily win the primary series and ride the white horse into the Quicken Convention Center in the mythical city of Cleveland.

I won't bore you with details, but in this fantasy.....Cleveland-land (double usage of words intentional).....Republican values would be laid out and Fox News would find the sixteen actual Republicans who live in Cleveland-land and feature them with the beast-killer.....Jeb.

A white pony would be brought out by the House of Clinton.....as a joke to Jeb, and the four-month battle "royal" (pronounced the French way) would start up.

Court jesters would line up with NBC, CBS, and ABC to help the House of Clinton as much as possible.  Old white male court jesters would line up with Fox News to help the House of Bush.

About a week before elections in November of 2016.....people would wake up from this dazed experience and ask themselves.....do they really want either the House of Clinton or the House of Bush in reality?  The answer is.....NO.

For this reason, I suspect that Jeb....while with honest and good intentions.....is on a marginal campaign and will not be able to mount any clear numbers of success in Iowa, or the first five state primaries that occur.  He might take five to eight states by the end, and be part of the convention battle in Cleveland-land (it's a catchy phrase.....you must admit).   But in my humble opinion....Jeb is sixteen years too late for this epic run (he is the better Bush, I do admit).

So, in your fantasy world......this all-out battle between the House of Clinton versus the House of Bush.....it's just fake.  Don't get pepped up over nothing. Settle back.....drink some PBR....eat a bran muffin....and watch some repeats of the Rockford Files.  It'll be more entertaining.