Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Thing About Donald Trump

The announcement came today of Trump running for President.  For most folks who consider themselves Republicans or leaning-independents-toward-Republicans.....Trump is this nutcase guy who can't win the Presidency but in the space of ten minutes.....says five things that really spark your interest.

Trump isn't a politician, nor does he fit any realistic profile of a guy running for office.  Dirt dug up on the guy?  For every pound of dirt that any news organization digs up.....Trump has people who dig up twice that much on the newspaper or news organization involved.  Pound for pound.....Trump extracts a pay-back.

A couple of guys would sit there and imagine Trump winning.....but when you get down to actually voting for the guy.....I could see one in ten actually voting in some primary for the guy.  Maybe if Cruz or Walker said some really stupid stuff.....you might have ten percent of either guy's group move to Trump as some opposition vote.

Would you really want some CEO guy running America.....firing the CIA guy when he did something stupid, or dumping the VP in the middle of some meeting and telling him to just go home?  The Chinese?  They'd be in utter fear of what this guy might do.....same for the Saudis and the French.

The guy most shocked by a possible win?  Trump himself, my humble opinion.

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