Sunday, 31 May 2020

Riot Observations

1.  No one much talks about it, but the way that George Floyd got into the first bit of his issue....was at the store, with the use of a counterfeit $20.  The storekeeper said 'no', and basically walked out with whatever he was buying.  Where'd the twenty come from?  Unknown. 

I knew someone from a decade ago who'd gone to a bank for their pocket money for the month, and the bank slipped them a fake twenty, which came up almost immediately as they tried to pay gas they'd bought.  Bank would not acknowledge this.  I knew another guy who done some deal at a flea market and was given a couple of twentys for whatever they sold, and two of the twentys were later deemed fake. 

Did George know it were counterfeit?  No way to tell.  It would be interesting to know the rest of the contents of George's billfold, but I doubt if this will go to far.

2.  This continued commentary about right-wing KKK members being in the middle of the riots?   It's about the most laughable joke possible.  Real KKK folks would wear the hoods, burn crosses, and wave confederate flags. 

People who wear black clothing?  Antifa.

3.  All these structures burnt to the ground?  Odds of rebuilding?  In the middle of a likely two-year recession?  No.  I'd take the insurance money, and just walk away.  Let the real estate people figure out some loser-deal to handle the property. 

For the jobs lost?  Presently, I'd be guessing that a minimum of 100,000 jobs lost, and will probably get up into the 500,000 range in the next couple of days. 

4.  NY City police arrested some dimwit young gal....for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police vehicle (4 cops inside).  The city DA?  It's going to be tough to avoid attempted-murder charges on the gal, and just let her walk away.  The police?  They will watch this develop, and probably lay down a card or two.  This dimwit?  She's looking at a minimum of three years in prison....over what?  The sister?  She was with the dimwit and will get charges as well.  The parents?  I'm guessing they are looking for a lawyer, and figuring a minimum of $50,000 to defend the two idiots.  Paying off the police union?  I hate to suggest it, but a hundred-thousand donation might turn the trick. 

5.  You look through the videos and the one obvious thing missing?  Latinos.  You don't see any Latinos. 

6.  From the G-20 Conference in Hamburg, Germany back in the summer of 2017.  There's this odd moment that occurs.....some protest folks are throwing bricks at cops, and the cops charge them.....grabbing a couple.  So this one guy stands ID and uncooperative.  An ID is eventually made.  He's a German policeman.  So the question was asked....was he a undercover cop?  No, and he's not even from the region. 

This was a young policeman who could not explain his participation or his violent act.  Nothing ever got said after that point.  Charges?  Unknown.  Termination from his job, unknown.

So when some idiots suggest that undercover cops are part of the riots in the US.....I might go and ask to identify them, and if they have Antifa tendencies.