Monday, 10 February 2020

Four Things About the Campaign at This Point

1.  Maybe it's just me, but I got this feeling that almost all of the inner circle of Joe 70-plus years old, drink Dr. Pepper, and watch Gunsmoke.

2.  This 'Pete-kid' doesn't seem to have done much in life.  So it makes me wonder....if he wins, and does eight years....he'll be 48 years old at the conclusion.  What exactly do you do for the remainder of your life?

3.  I heard the Pope say that the 'rich' must end world poverty.  So once you soaked all of them, and took 90-percent of their wealth.....then flipped it to dirt-poor people, and five years later....admit that the rate is poverty is still pretty much the same....what 'magic' do you do then?  Try to exorcise the poverty demons with some chant?

4.  Could the ultimate Russian 'game' be to reach the convention, have no clear winner, and then convince them to hire up Hillary once again?