Sunday, 26 April 2020

Simply Observations

1.  What's with North Korea's Kim?

Well....there's a pretty reliable Chinese news journalist who has said in the past 48 hours.....Kim had a heart problem (maybe an attack).  Some doctor got dragged into the situation for a stint, and something went wrong.  Kim is hooked up and clinically....not dead, but real 'ify' if he comes out of this.

The problem?  No one in the family or government wants say anything much, or even suggest to pull plug.  They don't want to be accused by the people in power of terminating Kim.

So you can imagine at least a thousand North Koreans very aware of the mess, and just sitting there.

How long can you do something like this?  No idea.  But it makes for an interesting development.  Maybe you could go twenty years without fully recovering, or even reaching the state of declaring the guy dead.

2.  My mama washed my mouth out with soap.  With all the Trump disinfectant chatter, is there a chance I'm gonna die?

If this was Dove or Irish's not that way.  If this was your Dad's auto shampoo, you better get on your pony and ride to the emergency room and tell them your Mom is a member of some Trump-cult and you might be bad off.

3.  What's the jest of all this journalists hype over Trump's medical advice?

Here's the thing....a whole lot of people in the past thirty years went off to college and more-or-less got 'de-educated'....meaning the professors were dishing out political indoctrination instead of higher education.  So they are near to being dumb-as-dirt (a term we use in Alabama).

These people simply watch TV, live in a bubble for a life-style, and anything they hear (like licking doorknobs or eating Tide-pods)....they just do it.  So there's a fear that folks might over-react.

So this NPR and CNN anti-Trump hype is good for you.....cause you can't really think straight or reason with facts.  Don't worry.

4.  Odds that Biden is out because of that Larry King video from the 1990s?

Biden was out anyway.....just a matter of putting public appearances into an acceptable format.  This Larry King video simply sped up the process.

The people who look really stupid....are the CNN folks, because it was their video.

5.  Have we hit absolute quarantine 'peak'?

Yes.  There might be forty-percent of folks with some pep in their system to play this out for another month.  But the vast majority of folks are fed up.  But politically, it's the biggest chunk of political hype that has come along in forty years.

6.  Is it true that there is a beer 'surplus'?

Well....with all those NBA games cancelled, and the MLB season suspended (so far)....there's tons of beer just laying there.  The brewery folks kinda need a light at the end of the tunnel, and they have yet to see it.

7.  Is there anything we can do about media-bias?

Turn off the TV, and refuse to engage.  Set your social media to just stupid cat pictures, and chatter about aliens.

8.  Does anyone really care what Megan McCain (daughter of John McCain) thinks about?

She seems to think that she has a following.  Even if probably amounts to less than 5,000 women.

Listen....let people have their 'empire' and rest assured....if they didn't have this gimmick going on, they'd be all hyped-up to repaint the garage at least once a month, or trying to lecture people on global warming.

9.  If there is no real entertainment cash flow, or musicals open on Broadway, or movies being shown.....won't the Hollywood crowd or New York 'freaks' just go crazy shortly?

They can probably survive six months of quarantine 'play'.  But eventually, their agent will call up and say that public attention for their name or status is dwindling.  Without movies being made or shown.....and with Broadway shutdown, a whole lot of 'nothing' is occurring.

Course, we may be getting a ton of fake reality TV shows this fall from folks who are desperate for public attention.

10.  This story that came out Friday about Trump having a loan that was connected to the Chinese National Bank.....was this totally fake news? are the facts.

There is one single NY City building which is at the heart of this fake news story.....1290 Avenue of the Americas.

The Trump company did own 30-percent of the 'deal' (yes, his company is a minority player in this).

The original loan did go to a GROUP of banks....which there was a Chinese bank involved.  But they were just one of the group (USB, Deutsche Bank, etc).  So it was not one single bank.

This all occurred around 2012....but then this got bought (the loan deal) by Wells Fargo (yes, those folks).  So the Chinese bank deal lasted maybe two or three years at best.

The question you want to ask did the Politico fake news folks get their story so wrong?  Basically, you can discount the whole piece that got published on Friday.....there's one single part of it correct in a minor way (there was a Chinese bank involved with a NY property for a brief period of time).  Beyond that....none of the story works.

It's another example of 5th grade kids running a news service and refusing to do real homework.