Thursday, 30 April 2020

The Problem With NY Cancelling the 'Primary'

Here's the thing....the normal primary would have occurred on 23 June.  So what the state has said....there is NOT to be a presidential primary vote.  There will just be a mail-in/absentee ballot for all other offices.

The fact that you could have included both the Republican and Democratic Presidential vote in this primary?  That seems lost at this point.

If you were in the state and had paid attention to all of those debates in'd be shaking your head because that attention given....means nothing at this point, it's Joe Biden or nothing. 

Future debates?  I would suggest that you flip the TV off and just read a book. 

If anything, this proves the necessity of having all 50-state primary votes in a two-week period of May.  Literally thousands of man-hours spent on the preparation for the debates in 2019, and various 'expert' chatter on the networks.....which really mean nothing at this point. 


I sat through a YouTube video this past week, and the topic of gullibility came up.  Someone wanted to suggest that it's reached a stage where people are seriously affected by gullibility, and that you need to reach out to bring them back to a state of reality (or really a new fresh stage of gullibility).

That's the chief problem with this discussion.....are you gullible right now, or would you allow yourself to believe you are gullible then flip into a serious state of new gullibility?

Can we even rate your gullibility situation (one to ten)?

Do more gullible folks come from California than Alabama?

Could you spend eight years at some college....getting a PhD, and emerge as a highly gullible smart guy?

Could you be a US Senator and a top-notch gullible idiot?

Are both political parties taking advantage of your gullibility?

Are TV networks consumed with influencing your gullibility?

We live in an unusual age where people are counting you on your gullibility and their whole lifestyle and success are set to your gullibility. 

My advice....ask more questions.  If it sounds pretty stupid or fake, then it probably is stupid or fake. 

186 Days And Counting

We have 186 days until the 3 November election date.  The ten things I might go and 'predict':

1.  There's ten states which I see in dire circumstances by 3 November (all 'blue' states).  The tax revenue bucket will be screwed up, and funds to pay state employees by that point will non-existent.  Essential things like police and safety folks will be paid.....but I might take a guess that funding for state colleges in these states will be cut in a drastic way.  Tuition, probably will go up in some NY state public colleges by 25-percent.

2.  Joe Biden will be replaced....probably around the convention or shortly after that.  Stacey Abrams is the likely 'filler'.  A lot of the people who did the debates and paid millions for the primary run will be furious how this was arranged.

3.  Goggle, Facebook and Twitter will likely lay off one-third of their employees because general downward trends on advertising.  A lot of their 'dedicated' people will be hostile about being dumped, and expose a lot of their inside problems.

4.  Start expecting gas stations to curtail hours, and it'll run this way in states limiting their economies.  Don't be shocked if your local station which was open from 5 AM to 9 PM....flips to a 6 AM to 6 PM deal.  Same with donut shops lessening their hours.

5.  A small 'collapse' of the housing market will start up by mid-summer, and another bubble will likely occur.....but again in the same states or markets that existed in the problem period of 2008.

6.  A number of lawsuits will start up against deaths in retirement homes, triggering operators to start shut-downs.  Don't be shocked if 10 to 20 percent of homes are curtailed or shut-down by the last quarter of 2020.

7.  NFL in 2020?  At best, they will run 'ghost' games, with no fans allowed in the stadiums.  Even baseball action is hard to figure at this point.  For the minor's dismal for 2020. 

8. This absentee ballot/mail ballot chatter?  You will see it pushed a good bit, but the majority of states won't buy into this.  They will instead offer early voting. 

9.  At least 70 Democrats in the House are looking at the end of their period in Washington, and will be replaced.

10.  Finally, some Democrats will breath a sigh of relief once Trump wins.....there's only four years left of his period. 

The 70/30 Situation

According to a study done.....roughly 70-percent of Democrats say that they can't date, hang-out, or marry-up with a GOP guy/gal.  That puts 30-percent in the other bucket....they could go and have some kinda relationship with the GOP guy/gal.

There was a study done back in 2016, talking over this issue.

In that situation, they asked both groups about marriages.

Republican guys?  In thirty-percent of cases, they were married to a Republican gal.

Democratic guys?  In twenty-five percent of cases, they were married to a Democrat gal.

So if you were looking for a Republican guy married to a Democrat gal....that only occurred in 6-percent of cases.

Looking for a Democratic guy married to a Republic gal.....that only occurred in 3-percent of cases.

I worked with a gal around a decade ago who was approaching 35, and still single.   She admitted that finding the right guy was now next to impossible.  He had to show zero interest in sports, not smoke, have no bad habits, owe no real debt, and only marginally drink alcohol (wine was it).  She also admitted along the way that he had to have marginal interest in politics, like cats, and be handsome.  I commented to her....that this filtering system of hers would ensure no guy ever got through.

Looking at this Democrat versus Republican, this would be tearing some die-hard women apart at age 25.....meeting up with a dynamic 30-year old guy....successful, charming, mildly interested in sports, no debt, able to cook 50 different dishes in the kitchen, likes cats, and even plays the banjo.....only to discover that he's fairly dedicated to Trump.