Monday, 1 July 2019

What I Expect on 26 October 2020

I expect the Trump camp to come out with one last political advertisement.....a 60 second piece, with dramatic music in the background, and the word 'socialism' appearing on the screen.  Then roughly 55 images will appear on the screen dramatizing the negativity of socialism. 

Scenes of San Francisco's homelessness situation will flow into this. 

Then at the very tail end of this ad....mostly seen via Twitter and Facebook (yep, he'll save millions avoiding the networks)'ll ask the question, 'is this what you want?'

At that point, the last ten million undecided voters will decide and step back from Joe Biden's camp.  There won't be any time left to pop up some ad....condemning capitalism or defending socialism.

Around a year later, some folks will talk about this, and suggest that embracing socialism might not be smart.....but those folks will be pushed to leave the party.  And by the summer of 2022....I see some Democrats discussing moving over to the Green Party, or starting an entirely different Democratic Party.