Saturday, 30 June 2018

On this Abolish Strategy

Over the past week, I've noticed the Democratic passionate position of abolishing ICE (the border control folks).  I sat and paused over this, and pondered.....coming to four observations.

1.  They just want to abolish ICE.....they have no interest in gutting the laws which ICE enforces.  This would be interesting to play out but it begs the question....if the laws continue to exist....who would enforce them?

2. Without ICE, who exactly does border control?  States by the border?

3.  If we reach this stage of absolishment sounding good....wouldn't it sound good to get rid of ATF and FBI also being on the list as well?  You might actually find a lot of conservatives all pepped up to agree with you and we could make this one single action.

4.  If all of this is done....just to recreate a new ICE, in a different form, with a new name....then what was this abolishment all about? 

It just seems to me....silly me for thinking this....that this is all fake in nature.  To be rather honest, since Democrats are pepped up for absolishing thing....I'd personally like to get rid of the Senate and 100 Senators. 

So I think the new twist or response by people ought to be.....let's abolish the Senate, and just see if things improve. 

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