Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Gambling Coming to Bama?

It is a shocker in Bama over the latest legislative business.  The Republicans in the state....having vowed over the past three decades to protect the innocence of every Bama resident by standing against lotteries, casinos and gambling.....are about to accept it with a friendly smile.

The draft bill sits presently with the state senate and most folks are believing in an acceptance.  The money generated?  Oh, that will be for education and children of least that's the coded phrase used.  It'll end up in the general fund sooner or later, and then be used for cop cars, state parks, and office furniture.

For decades, the Republican Party in Bama represented this relationship to good morale living, religious lifestyles, and principled authority.  Yeah, I was bogus....but it was good theater and folks believed it.

If you walk into a barbershop.....nine out of ten Bama guys would say this gambling thing isn't such a big deal.  They probably wouldn't even rate it in the top twenty issues of the day.  Most guys will admit that they already buy lotto tickets across the state line occasionally, and at least three of every ten Bama guys will admit to having been to a casino in the past year or two.

At least a quarter of all Bama women under the age of forty will readily admit that they've been to a casino in the past year or two as well.

The upset folks over this Republican change?  Mostly church folks who got some five-star minister character who quoted Moses and thrilled his congregation with bad-mouthing gambling.

The people who will get addicted?  Well.....yeah.....there are those who can't handle gambling.  The same can be said for those who can't handling driving a car in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle NCAA football in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle prescription pain-killers in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle a credit card in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle chainsaws in a safe fashion.  You can only protect society to a certain degree.....after's a guy's own responsibility for screwing up.

So, prepare for gambling coming to Bama.  Heck, we might even see a casino or two coming out of this state park business.  Joe Wheeler might turn itself into a fantastic gambling casino.

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