Friday, 26 September 2014

Our American Tradition

You go to a baseball game....mostly to watch your team hopefully beat the other team.  Amongst other also go for the social atmosphere.  And, you go for the greasy junk food.

The season ends for major league baseball this weekend, and folks will have to settle back for six months and wait for 2015's spring to come, and an opportunity to sit and eat through 3,000 calories in one afternoon....of awful fatty and greasy food.

I hadn't been to a major league game in almost fifteen years....when I went to a Nationals game in 2012.  It was an opportunity to reintroduce myself to all the wonders of bad food, and the escalated cost of sitting through a game in this modern era.

It's hard to walk into a stadium today, and not expect to spend anything less than $50 on food and drink.  By the time you figure a beer or two....a whooper-hot dog and fries....then some chili dog....toss in a $4 bottle of chilled water....then some twenty-ounce alcohol-slushy've easily past $40 and 1,500 calories.

Even in the shade, as I was 97 degrees, and by the 8th inning, I started to realize my hydration issue, put down a second bottle of chilled water, and a third beer.

I sat and watched some guys go through six to eight bottles of beer during a game, and at least $40 of ribs and greasy fries.

If you figure grease and fat probably did enough for an entire month...just in a four-hour period.

All of this says something about American society, our trend toward fatty food with no limits, and the ability to accept a pricing scheme of questionable nature.

I suspect if a guy were aggressive and did six baseball games a summer with his buddies...he could figure on adding at least five pounds onto his frame, if he didn't do anything extra on physical activities.

Diet or change coming?  No.  I just can't see major league baseball changing in that direction.  They might offer some vegetarian stuff, and try to put calorie/fat signs up about everything, but society now has no desire to dump the greasy food or high calories deal.  It is....what it is.

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