Saturday, 2 June 2018

The 4.8 Percent Story

It's a small note but kinda interesting....GDP forecast now for 2018?  4.8-percent.

The last time that this number was exceeded?  1984.  You remember that period....Alf, Reagan, etc.

Oh, we did come close in 2000 (4.6-percent) and 4.5-percent in both 1997/1998).

And that period with Bush and Obama?  Mostly around 2-percent.  The year that Obama worked up the Iran nuke deal and release of the money....well, we did bump up to 2.9-percent. 

What if we match or exceed 4.8-percent in 2019?  More jobs.....more black kids hired up....more folks paying taxes....more folks happy with life. 

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