Thursday, 31 May 2018

Disorder Story

I was read a short piece in the last week which picked up the topic noted by a single university, that they came realize around a quarter of their crowd are now admitting as they register.....they are mentally ill in some fashion.

Of course, the definitions were open to some degree.  If you suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, bi-polar issues, eating disorders, ADAH, personality disorders, substance abuse, fell into this 'pit'.

Course, the real issue is that for all these one ever put this on a submission form and asked the kid as he paid the you have problems that you want to admit?  Frankly, until recently.....they didn't care.  The university has a product and someone wants to buy it.  The old attitude was just to sell that product and move on.

But this kinda makes you we now have more people with mental issues than in previous decades?  I would tend to argue that we always had people who had 'issues', and the vast majority just lived with it and learned some counter-balance solution on their own.

In the case of the university system....I see them wanting to broaden their product and attach more fees/costs into the system.  If you had seven-hundred folks registered with the college and admitting eating disorders....well, you'd probably go out and hire two full-time counselors, and try to hype up their availability.....putting the cost into the tuition system.  Or you might have 1,500 folks admitting that they were suffering from panic attacks, and you'd have a special office on campus where they could 'escape' into and get 'relief'.

But in the midst of all of this disorder business.....would you have some folks who just showed up with no issue and figured....what the hell....I'll mark down that I've got a personality disorder, and a eating disorder....then spend a fifteen minute session with the disorder 'chief' trying to convince them of a fake background.  You can imagine 2025 rolling around and some university chief waking up one morning to be told that 88-percent of his students have some kind of disorder, and creating a whole department to micromanage the issue.

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